API Overview

AppInsights allows you to push custom data points to widgets using our custom data API. Data is sent using an HTTP POST request with data in JSON format. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the future, a new version of the API will be released. Until then, we will still be using our old AppInsights API.

The data should be formatted in the AppInsights Data Format.

You can also tell AppInsights to Fetch Data from your own or other URLs. You can specify custom authentication headers and even write a short script to modify the fetched data if it is not in the AppInsights Data Format.

Finally, you can Export Data from your widgets in JSON format.

To send a data point, make an HTTP POST request to:


Data is sent as a JSON string with the following syntax:

{"accessKey": "3UutXboTEuZwtFWzJvdt6DYSswMZ99VlgBGsmhXT",
"streamName": "yourStreamName", "point": 42}

Your access key is a unique identifier for your AppInsights account. The stream name specifies which widget will receive the data.