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IoT & Connected Home Support

Meet the growing customer desire for a unified connected life experience.

Deliver a consistent and superior connected life experience by wrapping IoT support around the smart devices you sell.

Assisted Sales

Offer customers a channel to get expert advice and recommendations on the different products sold in your IoT catalog with AppHelp Assisted Sales. Our purpose-built technology ensures agents are equipped to make the right product recommendations and offer highly relevant, value-added onboarding and support services to enhance your customers' connected home experience.

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Device installation and onboarding

Ensure greater IoT adoption and reduce No Fault Found returns by offering onboarding at the most critical touchpoint after a consumer purchases a new IoT device. From Smart Home Hubs, Security Cameras, Window/Door Sensors and more, AppHelp offers professional assistance to set up smart devices and deliver optimal customer experiences - empowering your brand to maximize revenues from the ever-widening scope of connected home products.

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Connected Home Support

Differentiate your IoT offering by wrapping 24/7 Connected Home support around the products and services you sell. Our technology and training processes are built to scale and support the growing number of connected devices being used by your customers. Our technology learns about the most common issues related to connected devices and automates the transfer of knowledge to ensure the right information is available to agents to manage any ticket, no matter what the device or the technology it runs on.

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AppHelp Consumer Services

AppHelp provides immediate and effective support across all your customers' connected products and services.

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    Smart Home Hub

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    Security Camera

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    Door/Window Sensors

Create a seamless support experience for your customers connected life