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Business Cloud HelpDesk

Business Cloud HelpDesk solutions that address your SMBs essential SaaS and IT needs.

Our white-label Business Cloud HelpDesk solution gives your customers an easy and affordable way to address SaaS and IT needs without owning IT staff. Whether it’s help using and troubleshooting cloud apps or support for other business hardware, we’ve got them covered!

Cloud App Support

Cloud App support offers an all-in-one cloud helpdesk solution to help your SMBs deploy, use and troubleshoot their cloud apps and ensuring an easy path to support when they need it.

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IT HelpDesk

For total peace of mind, extend support from the cloud to the ground! IT HelpDesk includes Cloud App Support plus support for personal computing devices, peripherals including POS hardware, connectivity issues and more.

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We support an ever-expanding list of cloud services

AppHelp offers onboarding, migrations, training and support for the top cloud applications being leveraged by businesses.

Be the solution for small and medium businesses that require technical assistance but not technical staff.