Data Management

Transform cloud service usage with search, analytics, and interoperability.

The AppDirect Data Management solution redesigns your experience with all your cloud services. A collection of three standalone services bring awareness, insight and intelligence to apps operating in silos, making them work together to optimize your business workflows. The solution helps boost productivity by enabling you to focus on your core task, while driving meaningful usage from all your cloud services.

App Search

Find all your emails, documents and tasks in a couple of clicks.

App Search is a standalone service that enables users to search for content across all their cloud applications. As your private search engine, it gives you an organized view of your content no matter where it lives. The single search box lets users search across all cloud applications without disturbing user workflow or leaving where you work. App Search works across a range of services such as Gmail, Box, Salesforce, Yammer and many others.

Unified Search Made Easy

App Search powers full-text search across 30+ cloud applications. The service refines your search as you type, to help you drill into individual apps or look for documents or presentations, wherever they are. The service also enables search within a specific document or in a specific application by using intuitive search formats.

Focus on Important Content

Build and save complex filters from service, content type, data range combinations. Get powerful advanced search capabilities or simply refine by author, title or document type. The advanced search capabilities allow users to drill down across cloud applications, find specific content types, restrict results by date ranges and sort content.

Secured End-to-End

The App Search service is designed with multiple levels of security to protect user content. App Search users can only view content from files indexed in their own account. The service uses modern encryption standards such as AES-256 for data in transit and at rest. It automatically mirrors the security permissions of each integrated service to maintain integrity across accessible content.

Connect, Index, Search!

Users can select several cloud services to connect to the App Search service. App Search scans the content you have permission to access and securely processes individual documents, streaming them directly into an encrypted index. As you search, the service automatically shows you what services and content contain the terms you are looking for.

App Integrations

Streamline business processes between all your cloud services.

The App Integrations service delivers out-of-the-box integrations between cloud business applications to help cloud consumers optimize their business processes. It connects cloud applications to allow data to flow back and forth seamlessly. For example, users can automatically get invoices from their billing app into their file storage app or export leads and contacts from their CRM app into their marketing automation service.

Best-of-Breed Connectivity

The service comes with an extensive number of preconfigured and reusable connectors to some of the most widely used business applications such as Salesforce, SAP and many more. Using the pre-defined “plug-and-play” connectors, you save valuable time and resources, and their reusability reduces the overall app integration costs by 75%. Custom integrations between applications can be built using your own API component or using one of our 50+ existing component kits.

Ease of Integrations

Ease of integrations has made the App Integration Service popular with ISVs, system integrators and digital agencies for connecting cloud applications. The ability to connect to other SaaS applications such as MailChimp, DropBox, Salesforce and others considerably adds to the value of the service and the end-user experience. As such, the App Integrations Service provides end-users with the widest range of apps to integrate and automate their business processes.

Multi-Purpose Platform

The App Integrations service is built on a horizontal multi-purpose platform for applications running on the cloud and on-premise. The technology ensures complete isolation of resources and users. Each tenant runs in its own secure, exclusive environment, ensuring clear separation of user’s data. The service employs strong encryption so that user data and account credentials are encrypted when processed in the system and at rest.


See all your key metrics in one place.

The AppInsights service provides a single view to interact with all your key business metrics across all cloud apps. Create custom dashboards and connect to over 75+ applications to track relevant KPIs. Standard templates allow users to quickly create online dashboards that connect to data sources of your choice - Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, AWS, Basecamp and more! Dashboard snapshots can be shared with other users through the newsfeed to prompt immediate action.

Understand your data at a glance.

The AppInsights service lets you easily configure your dashboard to get the most insights out of your data. See your Twitter follower count side-by-side with your Facebook page views, or your Google Analytics bounce rate next to your MailChimp campaign clicks. The elegant dashboard allows you to quickly see changes and patterns in all your key metrics. It unclutters your company’s data from various sources into web dashboards to draw meaningful insights.

Keep your whole team informed.

Dashboards are private by default, but you can share individual dashboards or all your dashboards with a single URL. Dashboard snapshots can also be easily shared with one or more users through the user news feed. Do you need to share some interesting data insights with the CEO? Just send her an email snapshot of your business’s dashboard from within the service. Or, send her the link to the dashboard, so she can see the data for herself - updating in real time.

Focus on your KPIs.

Your business is unique and so are your metrics. We don’t force the same generic “business dashboard” onto everyone. Change the look and feel of your dashboards and focus on the KPIs that you care about. Our dashboards put the emphasis on YOUR company. The service lets you define your data range and add in goal markers for your graphs. Add multiple data streams to your line graphs for comparative analysis. Track your KPs in the time frame that you want.

Integrate all your services.

The service offers many methods to upload custom data to the dashboards such as Push and Pull APIs for frequent updates of large data sets, a spreadsheet upload tool for excel reports, and edit button directly on the widgets for one-time jobs. Native integration into service such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and many others powers the AppInsights service to serve the needs of every business from every market. Whether you’re a startup, a fortune 500, or a department, the AppInsights Service will keep you informed.