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Data Management

Transform cloud service usage with search, analytics, and interoperability.

The AppDirect Data Management solution redesigns your experience with all your cloud services. A collection of three standalone services bring awareness, insight and intelligence to apps operating in silos, making them work together to optimize your business workflows. The solution helps boost productivity by enabling you to focus on your core task, while driving meaningful usage from all your cloud services.

Single Sign-On

All apps, one set of credentials

AppDirect Cloud Management Suite eliminates the need for passwords by offering secure single sign-on to applications using industry standards SAML 1.1/ 2.0, OpenID, OpenID connect, Oauth 2.0, WS-Federation. By signing in once through AppDirect, users can launch all their web applications from their MyApps page. Users no longer have to remember URLs, usernames and passwords, which increases productivity and strengthens security. Our service catalog includes thousands of pre-integrated applications and you can add in-house applications as needed.

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    Free Plans

    Free plans have no cost, but they do require customers to switch to another edition for further use. Even though they are free, these plans are still subscriptions since they create trackable data.

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    One-Time Plans

    One-time plans will only charge customers once at checkout. This model is more common for downloadable products or physical purchases.

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    Recurring Cloud Billing

    Recurring billing allows you to bill your customers by any duration, monthly, yearly, daily, etc.

  • Icons60X60 Tiered Pricing

    Tiered Editions

    Tiered editions allow for an entirely separate pricing structure on a different billing cycle. This is most commonly used for monthly versus yearly payment plans.

Directory Integration

Control the entire cloud directory from your fingertips.

With AppDirect you can seamlessly sync your directory infrastructure to the AppDirect network of cloud solutions. IT administrators can on-board team members by simply adding them to the existing company directory and assigning them to groups such as Sales. Once configured, AppDirect handles the heavy lifting creating the user accounts on both AppDirect and all applications relevant to Sales. On the other hand, deleting a user in your directory signals to AppDirect to de-provision the user from all their company cloud applications adding an indispensable security layer to your IT organization. We also allow you to connect multiple directories to AppDirect so that you can unify for example your LDAP, Google Apps, and Workday directories in relation to your cloud apps.

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    Easy Setup Wizard

    You can quickly enable Active Directory or LDAP support on AppDirect by downloading the required Directory Connector agent. Download the connector behind your corporate firewall with our quick installation wizard and it will serve as the communication bridge between Active Directory or LDAP and AppDirect.

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    User Synchronization

    The Directory Connector synchronizes data between Active Directory and AppDirect in real-time or pre-defined intervals. Users that are defined in Active Directory can have accounts automatically provisioned and de-provisioned on the AppDirect marketplace. If scheduled synchronization is configured, the AppDirect Directory Connector can synchronize Active Directory data to the marketplace platform on pre-defined time intervals.

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    High Availability

    AppDirect can help ensure high-availability of your directory to ensure that users can always sign into AppDirect and access their applications. If your Active Directory suffers downtime AppDirect acts as a failsafe by offering full redundancy as a temporary Directory service to ensure users can always access their apps.

Strong Authentication

Protect your organization with next generation security access control.

AppDirect acts as a central point of access to all applications allowing you to apply authentication policies for all users in your organization across all their apps. You can create a wide variety of security policies by defining factors such as password complexity and expiration cycles. You can then apply different policies by context such as role or location to address the varying security needs of your organization. While centralizing access control strengthens company security, it also provides a better end user experiences eliminating the need for countless credentials.

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    Multi-Factor Authentication

    IT administrators can require users to use a second authentication factor to add a layer of security at sign in on top of passwords. For example, you can require users to enter a PIN code send to them via text message after they complete password authenticating to AppDirect. At your request, AppDirect can offer a leading selection of authentication options including PKI certificates as well as solutions from RSA, Symantec, Duo Security, VASCO and Yubico.

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    Security Policies

    AppDirect allows IT administrators to set their own security policies. For example, they can manage the levels of password character complexity, password length requirements, time period for session timeouts and max number of failed logins. They can also set password expiration cycles to ensure their users continuously change their passwords for added security. Last, IT admins can set policies by groups to address varying security needs across their organization.

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    REST API and SAML Toolkits

    You can delegate the user provisioning and authentication process for your in-house applications to AppDirect by leveraging our REST API and SSO toolkits. You can use AppDirect’s OpenID and SAML toolkits to eliminate passwords and connect all your in-house apps to your directory service via our User Management API.

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    Integrate all your services.

    The service offers many methods to upload custom data to the dashboards such as Push and Pull APIs for frequent updates of large data sets, a spreadsheet upload tool for excel reports, and edit button directly on the widgets for one-time jobs. Native integration into service such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and many others powers the AppInsights service to serve the needs of every business from every market. Whether you’re a startup, a fortune 500, or a department, the AppInsights Service will keep you informed.

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