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The following step-by-step process showcases how we approach system design through to customizing monetization once your system is up and running.

We understand that our partners may not have the experience to handle the challenges of launching and supporting an app or software marketplace. Our team has designed and deployed hundreds of app and software marketplaces since the early days of mobile communications and can help you from initial conception of your app strategy through to execution and enhancements to meet your changing business needs.

System Design

Our architects have years of experience in designing app systems, and they are at your disposal from the moment you decide to implement your app strategy. We will work with you to brainstorm your requirements, advise you on best practices, architect your system including all the integration points, and even put the project plan together for you. We will meet with you as many times as it takes, we will run workshops and discovery phases, we will liaise with you every step of the way, and we will produce high quality documentation that accurately reflects your needs.

We are great at sweating the big stuff and at creating custom app platforms, but we are equally at home with helping you create simple specifications for that initial app showcase with cut-down features. We are also adept at creating compelling user experiences on all manner of devices.

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Almost all of the app platforms we implement have an integration of one sort or another. There are identity integrations for Single Sign-On (SSO), integrations with payment providers of your choosing, integrations with your existing back-end systems, catalog ingestions, and numerous sets of APIs we have to connect to. We are experts in not only planning and implementing these integrations, but also in working with you to ensure they go smoothly with no disruption to your business.

We are also highly experienced at being Master Systems Integrators (MSI) or Systems Integrators (SI) for your entire project if needed, liaising with – and project managing – all the third parties that comprise your app ecosystem. No matter the complexity of your systems integration, we're your partner in making your implementation successful at all levels.

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Managed Services

Once your system is designed, customized, set up, implemented and integrated, that’s when our managed services team kicks in. We will host your system in the cloud, scale it as you grow, and manage its uptime via a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). We will support you and your customers, maintain and update your solution, ensure compatibility with the latest devices, and help you to troubleshoot the entire system.

When it comes to the onboarding of new developers and managing the lifecycle of your store we're there to help curate and update your store while liaising with developers and aiding in app testing. Most importantly, we will operate your store as if we were on your team, ensuring you're updated on every aspect of your store.

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App Lifecycle Management

It goes without saying that software and apps are constantly being updated with new versions. Our platform is built to manage the entire lifecycle of digital assets, ensuring that up-to-date versions are constantly pushed to devices and users. We are often involved in testing and QA of the new versions of apps as they come through. As different devices and different users have different requirements, version management is key, ensuring that the right versions are delivered and updated.

System administrators need control of app management and visibility of which apps are on which devices and with which users. Users may be entitled to only certain apps, so it’s important to track and police those entitlements and licenses. All in all, tracking and managing which apps go to which devices and users, and seamlessly updating them, is vital to any successful app ecosystem and we are here to help.

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Analytics and Monetization

Once your system is up and running, you will want to have insights into data such as number of downloads, browse behavior, system traffic, and trends. Our analytics packages provide all of that and more. You name it, we can measure it and present it to you in a meaningful way. We know how valuable your data is, so we will work with you to implement secure data management solutions, while understanding that data sharing and brokering may be key to your business.

On top of analytics, we understand that many of our customers strive to generate revenue from their app store and data. This can be achieved by selling apps or software, charging subscriptions, selling advertising, charging developers to be in the store, or providing data insights. We have a comprehensive range of monetization solutions to fit your needs, including handling the complexities of payments, taxation, revenue management, and settlements to the app developers and advertisers.

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Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.