Smart Devices

Software and services on consumer devices have become critical to their initial and ongoing success. We help device OEMs distribute and monetize the apps, software, content and cloud solutions key to their device and app strategy.

Smart screens

When dealing with a screens of various sizes, device manufacturers need a seamless process for helping onboard existing and new developers to their platform, ensuring that the app experiences meets the expectations of their users. Our robust developer portal has been designed and tested in the market, enabling customers and partners to offer a proven platform to their app developers and providers to bring apps and services to their devices. Learn How Sahara Presentation Systems uses AppDevices in the classroom.

Market Smart Devices Smart Screens

Smartphones and tablets

Without an app and content platform dedicated to their app strategy, smarthphone and tablet manufacturers forgo the opportunity to engage with their customers and create new revenue opportunities. Our white label App Marketplace and managed services allow you to showcase, distribute, and monetize all the apps and content valuable to your customers, while differentiating yourself from the Google Play store.

Market Smart Devices Smartphone Tablet

IoT devices/sensors

Whether manufacturers' devices have screens or not, apps and services can still play a significant role in bringing new functionality and data analytics to their offering. We understand that organizations are at various stages of their IoT strategy, from initial exploration to full app marketplace deployment and the need to monetize the apps within. Regardless, our IoT specialists are able to help you navigate the challenges you face, wherever you are in your strategy.

App Devices Iotdevices Illustration

Apps are essential for connected devices, we can make them a competitive component of your offering

You manufacture, distribute and use smart devices in your business. You need an app strategy to add value, monetize and create long-lasting user engagement. We are your partner, from helping you with the initial concepts through to operating and making apps a successful component of your business. Key to any app strategy is fostering a vibrant community of developers.

Our developer program connects these dots, giving your interested developers and partners all the needed components for onboarding. Apps are a vital part of an ongoing relationship with the consumer, and our commerce solutions make it a reality. Device OEMs are creating their own app stores so they can control their own value chain and our white label app store fits the bill.

Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.