Consumer electronics have evolved into massive global networks of IoT devices. At the core of these devices are the cloud platforms, the app stores, and the apps within them to make them successful.

Enable a thriving app ecosystem

When consumers buy IoT devices they demand apps to go with them. IoT manufacturers know that without apps, the usability and lifecycle of their devices is limited. We empower you with a flexible app store platform and developer program to ensure your app ecosystem is successful.

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IoT monetization opportunities

IoT device manufacturers often need to generate revenue from the consumer on an ongoing basis, long after the device has been sold. Apps and services are key to ongoing monetization. We help you set up a revenue channel that makes sense for your business and facilitates it with complete billing, services and a variety of ongoing revenue models.

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App discovery is essential

With millions of apps available in the Apple and Google app stores, finding the apps that were built for – and work with – a particular IoT device can be a challenge. We work with you to curate and control your own branded app store, allowing you to showcase and promote apps in a way that fits your strategy

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Wherever your connected devices fit in the Internet of Things, apps are essential

The number of connected devices in the hands of consumers is soaring, and many of these are known as IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Examples include fitness trackers, smart home thermostats, WiFi connected cameras, virtual reality headsets, alarm panels, and smart glasses. The connection between all of them is that they are often controlled by apps.

Fostering a vibrant community of developers is key to each IoT company, and our developer program connects these dots. Apps are a vital part of ongoing engagement with the consumer, and our commerce solutions make it a reality. IoT companies are creating their own app stores so they can control their own value chain and our white label app store fits the bill.

Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.