Connected Vehicles

Consumer and business automotive markets depend on software and connected car services to be successful. We help distribute and monetize the software and content critical to their drivers and customers.

Connected Car Services

Our automotive-grade secure platform, backed by a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, addresses the needs of carmakers looking to enable connected car services. We manage new features, apps, monetization models, and IoT services for the driver. Find out how and why Jaguar Land Rover uses our connected car services.

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OTA Software Management

With vehicles now connected to the cloud, there are new and exciting opportunities for updating software and firmware over-the-air, feature and subscription enablement, telematics and data analytics. We work with the automotive and transportation industries to deliver intelligent and secure software management solutions. Read more about our OTA Platform for the connected car. 

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Automotive IoT

Integrating connected car services with the larger IoT ecosystem presents automotive OEMs with a wealth of new opportunities to provide value added services to their drivers, while offering up new monetization models. Our platform comes with a range of secure automotive IoT connectivity options, including bridging apps, content, and data between the car and all manner of connected devices.

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Redefining connected car services as the key component of the Internet of Things ecosystem

Automakers today are looking to build stronger ongoing relationships with their customers. Offering compelling connected car services in addition to  creating new value chains and revenue streams through enhanced in-vehicle and companion services is critical to achieving this goal. Drivers now expect car manufacturers to offer a connected car platform with exciting and regularly updated infotainment services in the car with a portal where they can manage all their services and shop for new ones.

We provide an end-to-end connected car platform solution that includes a range of highly configurable modules that deliver inter-app connectivity, OTA updates, automotive IoT connectivity, analytics, marketplaces and commerce services. By working with us, OEMs can increase driver satisfaction and customer retention via compelling and easy to consume infotainment services while creating and fostering an open ecosystem of innovation where everyone makes money.

Jaguar Land Rover Case Study


Learn how we're helping power Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car strategy.

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