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We are the leading provider of app and software management, monetization, and cloud service solutions for businesses in IoT, connected vehicles, and smart devices.

Our platform enables the digital transformation for today's connected devices and vehicles.

Consumer IoT

The world of IoT is an interconnected web of millions of devices from smart home thermostats and connected vehicles to wearables and security systems, with apps and software at the heart of their functionality and value. Our modular and scalable platform allows IoT device OEMs to deploy a thriving app ecosystem that delivers and manages apps and software to their consumers and their devices. 

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Connected Vehicles

Automakers and tier 1 partners now see the IVI screen as a critical component in fostering new in-car personalization options for customers while also being a gateway into the IoT ecosystems developing around the vehicle. Our end-to-end cloud platform and modular services offer automotive manufacturers and tier 1 companies compelling connected app experiences, commerce functions and IoT connectivity options. Some of which include bridging apps and data across connected devices in and around the car. 

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Industrial Internet

The Industrial IoT market has rapidly grown from energy and manufacturing industries to now include smart cities and the evolving connected healthcare space, among many others. At the heart of these industries, apps and software play a crucial role in the management of devices and users. Data collection, and the communications between devices is critical to creating streamled efficiencies and in-depth metrics into the operations of the ecosystem. We remove the complexity of app distribution and deployment with a highly secure platform, including full authentication and the scalability to handle millions of device or sensor connections.

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Smart Devices

Whether you manufacture, distribute, or use smart devices, you need a thoughtful and strategic approach to your app and software deployment and management. Our platform and services are designed to bring enhance customer value and retention, leverage additional monetization opportunities, and reinforce your brand and devices in the eyes of today’s demanding consumers.

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Looking to redefine how you distribute, manage, and monetize the digital assets your customers demand? We’re here to help.