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IoT Platform

Our IoT Platform makes the IoT strategies of organizations a reality, enabling them to deploy, manage, and monetize IoT applications, software, and data across their entire IoT value chain and partners.

A walled garden that complements your devices

The Apple and Google app stores hold millions of apps, making discovering the right apps that work and compliment your IoT device impractical. AppDevices helps you create a branded IoT marketplace, supporting your onboarding of app providers with a fully featured developer portal. Working with you to curate and control your app and content showcase. The end result is a walled garden of apps your customers will love to discover.

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App Devices Io T Platform Wall Garden Devices

An IoT platform that grows with your IoT strategy

Whether you're taking your first step into IoT or looking to evolve your current IoT strategy, the AppDevices IoT Platform was designed with the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing IoT initiatives and requirements. From deploying apps to your IoT ecosystem to bridging your IoT framework with other IoT platforms, the AppDevices platform is ready to take you there.

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Forge new revenue streams

When it comes to generating revenue from your IoT devices, it’s no longer advantageous to just focus on device sales. Its essential to create new recurring revenue streams with your IoT products and the apps and services you deliver alongside them. AppDevices IoT Platform and Monetization Suite can deliver those services over-the-air and securely bill for them, enabling a deeper and more profitable connection with your customers.

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App Devices Forge New Revenue Streams

Trust an IoT platform that can scale and evolve with your IoT strategy

The Internet of Things industry is a rapidly changing space, with the needs of organizations evolving just as quickly. Whether starting with the initial need to update IoT apps remotely, to the more complex ability to enable your customers to showcase and deploy apps and services to their devices, the AppDevices Platform was built for the demands of today’s IoT ecosystems.

When you’re ready to create an ecosystem of partners around your IoT offering and monetize the IoT assets and the data they generate, the AppDevices platform is ready. Designed as a scalable and modular platform, the AppDevices IoT Cloud Platform enables you to expand features and services as your requirements grow or change. The platform can also work standalone from your core offering, or be fully integrated with your IoT value chain as your solution evolves.

AppDevices IoT platform features and services

  • A platform backed by a highly scalable cloud infrastructure to handle connections with millions of IoT devices

  • Seamless integration via a mature set of APIs allowing for maximum flexibility

  • Branded app and software marketplaces allowing your customers to discover and purchase the right apps, content, and services for their devices

  • Fully featured developer portals enabling you to foster third party developer support

  • Full commerce, billing, and revenue models allowing you to facilitate new revenue streams

  • App and software distribution allowing you to deliver software to remote devices

  • On-device agents allowing you to securely connect to the AppDevices IoT Platform and manage software on the devices

  • Ensure devices are always up-to-date with downloads, uploads and over-the-air updates of device apps and software

  • Identity and device profile management ensuring the right software makes it to the right devices

  • Service entitlement provisioning enabling IoT devices to have access to cloud services

  • In-depth analytics to report and trend what's happening across your IoT network

  • End-to-end security to ensure your devices and customers are protected from intruders

  • World-class customer support services for the devices cloud and end-to-end solution

  • Full data management and brokering options

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