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IoT Monetization Suite

When it’s time for you to create an ecosystem of partners around your IoT cloud platform offering, and start monetizing your IoT applications, software and services, our IoT Monetization Suite is ready for you.

Comprehensive Developer Onboarding Platform

Developer support can be challenging when the proper solutions are not in place to incentivize them to integrate and develop for your IoT ecosystem. Deploying a showcase or marketplace with integrated commerce options instantly makes your marketplace attractive to developers.

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App Devices Io T Monetization Suite

Device-aware Management and Distribution

If your IoT portfolio includes a wide variety of devices, the distribution, update and analytics of the apps and content being deployed to your devices can be complex. The AppDevices Monetization Suite is device-aware, allowing you to securely distribute the right software for the right devices and to monetize services easily across your devices and their users.

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Revenue Generation Capabilities

When it comes time to monetize your IoT ecosystem you need to trust in a proven platform. Our Monetization Suite is built on a platform that securely delivers cloud services and apps to millions of businesses worldwide every day. The suite is flexible enough to handle a large range of global currencies, payment models and any digital assets whether it be apps, software or services, all delivered over-the-air.

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Add more value for your users and drive higher revenue

Customer retention and revenue growth in IoT is no longer guaranteed with just the initial sale of a product. You need to move beyond one time sales and define opportunities for recurring revenue without having to painstakingly build your own untested commerce solutions.

Our Monetization Suite is ready off-the-shelf enabling you to hit the ground running with the capabilities to monetize your digital assets, onboard partners, deploy the right business model for your IoT strategy or experiment with new ones. All the while making money for everyone in your value chain.

AppDevices IoT Monetization Suite features and services

  • Deliver, manage, and enable any type of digital asset including apps, software enhancements and content

  • A flexible platform able to handle all types of business models including free to use, pay-per-use, transaction-based and subscription models

  • Bill customers in a secure and flexible manner via the web and or on-device

  • Integrate IoT networks securely for data sharing and cross-monetization

  • Entrust the world’s most robust and secure billing platform with easy to integrate APIs and self-serve management tools

  • Foster a vibrant community of developers and content providers

  • Manage and pay the content and app providers that further enhance the value-added features and services your customers demand

  • Device profile and entitlements management including value-added services, app and software upgrades, service provisioning, and the sale of premium software

  • In-depth analytics for all your software deployments and usage across your devices lineup and uses

  • Support for a range of global currencies and payment methods

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