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Connected Vehicle Platform

Deploy a turnkey solution that is built upon a proven cloud platform that delivers apps and services to millions of businesses each day.

Enable a deeper connection with your drivers and the Internet of Things

Our Connected Vehicle Platform was designed to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers and their tier 1 vendors looking to enable in-vehicle infotainment and commerce features, all while managing new features, apps, and IoT services important to their drivers' experience and satisfaction.

By partnering with us, vehicle OEMs and their tier 1 vendors also expand their potential to bridge to the Internet of Things. Automakers can begin integrating cars into drivers' smart homes today and the smart cities and intelligent transportation systems of tomorrow.

Monetize and personalize your in-car experience

The smartphone has become a personalized experience for today’s consumer, and they now expect the same personalization from their in-car experience. AppDevices’ automotive-grade secure platform, built on a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, enables automakers and tier 1 vendors to offer a fully featured, personalized driving experience with user profile management and full commerce solutions. Drivers won’t just be able to manage their accounts, they’ll be able to enjoy the purchase of premium services, apps, subscriptions, and more in-car and on the web.

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Bridge into the Internet of Things

The driving experience is now an integrated facet into the larger connected world. With vehicles rapidly becoming internet-connected, automakers, tier 1 vendors, and fleets are now ready to extend the solutions and services of the connected car to the greater Internet of Things. The possibilities are truly endless for automakers, such as having the vehicle communicate with the driver’s smart home, allowing for unique automated actions to take place. Such as, turning on the heat and opening the garage when the driver arrives home. The AppDevices Connected Vehicle Platform comes with a flexible range of secure connectivity options to the Internet of Things. Bridging apps, content, services, and data between the car and all manner of connected devices.

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Deliver cutting edge content and services over-the

Delivering the latest and greatest apps and content to the vehicle is only half the battle. Ensuring that the apps and content you deliver to vehicles are up-to-date for the lifetime of the vehicle is just as critical. AppDevices has partnered with some of the biggest OTA (Over-The-Air) companies in automotive, ensuring the lifecycle management of the apps, services, content, and features you deliver to the vehicle and companion devices are always up to date.

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Bring a wealth of new features, apps, and services to drivers both inside and outside the car while defining new revenue streams from your connected experience.

AppDevices connected car features and services

  • A platform backed by a highly scalable cloud infrastructure to handle connections with millions of vehicles

  • A secure and rigorously tested range of flexible platform connectivity options, bridging the vehicle with the Internet of Things

  • A complete tool set needed for distribution, management, control, and authentication of apps, content, services, billing, and IoT connections

  • Fully featured developer portal for 3rd party app, content, and service providers to confidently create, support, and distribute their products to vehicles

  • A branded marketplace for drivers to explore and sign up for new products and services, backed by a commerce suite enabling OEMSs and tier 1 vendors to monetize those products and services worldwide

  • Seamless integration with manufacturers’ vehicles and back-end systems

  • Remote updating of software and firmware updating

  • Bridge the Internet of Things divide with data sharing and cross-monetization of solutions

Jaguar Land Rover Case Study


Learn how we're helping power Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car strategy.

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Alliances & Associations

  • Circlelogo Cvta

    Connected Vehicle Trade Association

    AppDirect is proud to be a Board Member of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association.


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    The GENIVI Alliance

    AppDirect is proud to be a member of the GENIVI Alliance.


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