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Automotive Monetization Suite

Create an entire ecosystem around your infotainment offering and partners, while enhancing driver loyalty through service personalization and the merchandising of additional value added apps, software, and services.

One experience, multiple touch points

Your customers expect an intuitive way to manage all the features they desire, irrespective of the vehicle model, device, and underlying technology. The AppDevices Monetization Suite was built to meet these exact requirements, offering single sign-on access, user profile and entitlements management, all wrapped up in a single OEM-branded interface with commerce modules.

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Cultivate a vibrant developer community

The key to developing a community of engaged developers is incentivizing them to contribute to your ecosystem. Without the the proper monetization options, fostering a community of developer support is challenging. Having an app marketplace with integrated commerce options enables your developers to easily submit their apps and content, get paid for them, and make your marketplace a lucrative proposition.

Solutions  Automotive  Montization  Cultivate A Vibrant Developer Community

Generate New Revenue Streams

The Monetization Suite has been built on a platform that securely delivers cloud services and apps to millions of businesses worldwide every day. The suite is flexible enough to handle a range of global currencies and payment methods and deliver any type of app, software, or connected car service to the device over-the-air. There has never been a better time to monetize your connected car platform.

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Drive greater customer engagement and loyalty

Automakers today establish little in the way of an ongoing driver relationship after initial vehicle purchases. This is all changing though, as automakers roll out cloud connectivity to their cars, the potential to foster new engagement points offers untold competitive advantage, brand loyalty, and new revenue streams. Automakers can utilize AppDevices Automotive Monetization Suite to realize this potential and create long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Jaguar Land Rover Case Study


Learn how we're helping power Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car strategy.

AppDevices Automotive Monetization Suite Features and Services

  • Deliver, enable, and monetize all manner of digital asset including apps, content, and software.

  • Focus on your connected car ecosystem and leave the monetization complexity to us. Our robust billing platform is ready to deploy via ready-to-integrate APIs and self-serve management tools.

  • Manage vehicle entitlements, services, sales of premium software, driver profiles, service provisioning, app and software upgrades, and the cross-selling and up-selling of value-added services.

  • Support a range of global currencies and payment methods.

  • Foster a vibrant and engaged ecosystem of developers and content providers.

  • Complete settlement features allowing you to manage and pay partners and developers that contribute to your connected car ecosystem.

  • Efficiently bill customers in a flexible and secure manner over-the-air.

  • Deploy the right business models for your connected vehicles including free to use, subscriptions, pay-per-use, and transaction-based models.

Alliances & Associations

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    Connected Vehicle Trade Association

    AppDirect is proud to be a Board Member of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association.


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    The GENIVI Alliance

    AppDirect is proud to be a member of the GENIVI Alliance.


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