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App Marketplaces

Offer additional value added apps and services for your devices via your own branded app store. Our platform is a proven solution that includes additional modules you can deploy as your app strategy matures.

Scalable Cloud Distribution

When it comes to your app marketplace you need one you can be sure will scale with your business with the ability to ingest, store, and deliver all types of digital assets to your users today and years down the line. Our App Marketplace reduces operational complexities of launching your own custom app store by utilizing a centralized cloud distribution platform to handle the upload and distribution of digital assets to your customers, securely and efficiently.

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Turnkey Marketplace Foundation

Your app marketplace is an extension of your brand and your app strategy. The AppDevices App Marketplace is designed to be 100% your brand and your app strategy, with the AppDevices team ensuring it's always meeting your business needs and the needs of your customers. In today’s connected market you can’t afford to launch something generic, the AppDevices platform ensures your offering is reflective of your brand and values. Launch a marketplace with full capabilities in weeks not months, backed by a platform that handles millions of transactions daily.

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Flexible Business Model Capabilities

A branded white label app store is only half of the equation when it comes to offering a new value added service to your customers. You need a platform that also matches your app strategy and the business models you look to deploy with your most valuable assets, your customers. We give you the power to scale your marketplace offering and evolve it with your changing business needs from initial app showcase through to full commerce capabilities.

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App Devices App Marketplaces Flexible Enough Business

Deploy a turnkey cloud platform designed from the ground up for commerce, app management, IoT connectivity, and data management. Built on a proven platform that delivers apps and cloud services to millions of business each day.

Trust an IoT platform that can scale and evolve with your IoT strategy

The Internet of Things industry is a rapidly changing space, with the needs of organizations evolving just as quickly. Whether starting with the initial need to update IoT apps remotely, to the more complex ability to enable your customers to showcase and deploy apps and services to their devices, the AppDevices Platform was built for the demands of today’s IoT ecosystems.

When you’re ready to create an ecosystem of partners around your IoT offering and monetize the IoT assets and the data they generate, the AppDevices platform is ready. Designed as a scalable and modular platform, the AppDevices IoT Cloud Platform enables you to expand features and services as your requirements grow or change. The platform can also work standalone from your core offering, or be fully integrated with your IoT value chain as your solution evolves.

App Marketplace features and services

  • Offer both a complete web and mobile storefront for your app marketplace, allowing customers to buy their digital assets easily across any device

  • Complete native experience for Android and other operating systems ensuring a compelling user experience

  • A white labelled app marketplace with flexible branding customization and user experience flow

  • Integrated developer portal and app approval workflow, enabling you to attract developer support and have an efficient method for app submission and distribution

  • Allows for customer self-serve, managed services, or a mix of both depending on your business needs and app strategy

  • Complete end-to-end billing suite via AppDevices Monetization Suite allowing for the payment, taxation, commerce and settlement options for your customers and developers

  • Optional ratings module for your marketplace enabling users to review and rate content and apps

  • A flexible platform able to handle the distribution, management, and sale of any type of digital asset whether it’s an app, software, upgrade, or update

  • Apply custom metadata and categories to organize your app marketplace exactly the way you envision it

  • Easy deployment via APIs for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure

  • Powerful analytics tool allowing for in-depth tracking of your storefront and your customers habits and activity

  • Scalable cloud hosting allowing for an app marketplace that can easily grow and evolve with your business

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