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AppBilling Features

The most robust recurring billing software to power sales on your own website and sell worldwide.

AppDirect Subscription Billing Service enables you to drive direct self-serve sales on your own website. Our Subscription Billing Service drives the sales of more than 800 web-based products reaching over a million customers in 120 countries, and powers the marketplaces of Fortune 500 companies such as Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, and more.

Pricing Plan Management

AppDirect offers the most subscription options of any billing provider, period.

AppDirect's subscription billing software supports thousands of pricing configurations that can be easily managed through our intuitive, user-friendly CMS designed to manage enterprise billing. Creating payment that seamlessly handle multiple recurring subscriptions, support legacy customers, and offer special promotions.

  • Icons60X60 Free

    Free Plans

    Free plans have no cost, but they do require customers to switch to another edition for further use. Even though they are free, these plans are still subscriptions since they create trackable data.

  • Icons60X60 One Time Download

    One-Time Plans

    One-time plans will only charge customers once at checkout. This model is more common for downloadable products or physical purchases.

  • Icons60X60 Recurring Schedule

    Recurring Cloud Billing

    Recurring billing allows you to bill your customers by any duration, monthly, yearly, daily, etc.

  • Icons60X60 Tiered Pricing

    Tiered Editions

    Tiered editions allow for an entirely separate pricing structure on a different billing cycle. This is most commonly used for monthly versus yearly payment plans.

  • Icons60X60 Free Trial

    Free Trials

    Free trials can be set to last a predetermined period of time. During this period, customers have complete access to the functionality of that edition. After expiration, they will need to upgrade to the paid version for continued use.

  • Icons60X60 Expired

    Expired Free Trial Grace Period

    A grace period represents the number of days from the end of a free trial to the time services are cancelled. During the grace period, customers cannot access their accounts.

  • Icons60X60 Free With Restrictions

    Free Editions with Expiration

    Best for demos, a free edition with expiration allows you to create a limited version of a product that will need to be upgraded to gain full access.

  • Icons60X60 Unit Restrictions

    Unit Restrictions

    Units can be restricted so that customers must meet the minimum as well as not exceed the maximum unit purchase. You can also require that purchases be made in set increments, units of five GBs for example.

  • Icons60X60 Tiered Units

    Tiered Unit Pricing

    Tiered unit pricing is a specific way of setting up price per unit bands so that the cost per unit changes as you purchase more units. This allows for scaling the price as the customer buys larger and larger quantities.

  • Icons60X60 Unit Fee

    Setup Fee per Unit

    Setup fees per unit are used to charge one-time fees that scale with the number of units purchased. This allows the developer to charge more for the initial purchase and then reduce the rate for maintaining the service.

  • Icons60X60 Meter

    Metered Usage

    Metered usage allows for you to charge customers based on usage during the pay period, instead of making them pay up front for a predetermined limit. Usage can be reported at any time and is added to the total charge at the end of the billing cycle.

  • Icons60X60 Contract Restrictions

    Contract Restrictions

    Contract changes can be controlled very tightly, allowing you to restrict customers’ ability to upgrade, downgrade, change units, or switch to a shorter or longer contract.

  • Icons60X60 Renew Contract


    Contract auto renewals can be configured. including grace periods for making changes prior to and after the contract renewal. Customer can opt out of contract renewals at any time.

  • Icons60X60 Contract Fee

    Contract Fee

    Like setup fees, contract fees can be configured and charged at checkout. Each subsequent renewal of the contract will incur an additional fee.

Subscription Management

Delight customers with self-service controls.

Empower customers to control their own subscriptions—including upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations—all managed via API.

  • Icons60X60 Upgrade Downgrade

    Upgrade & Downgrade

    Customers can upgrade and downgrade their active subscriptions. This allows them to switch between any of the payment plans created in AppDirect that you have created.

  • Icons60X60 Overview

    View Invoices, Orders and Payments

    Display all data from customer invoices, orders, and payments across 17 order fields, 14 invoice fields, and 36 payment fields.

  • When users cancel subscriptions, all records are stripped and they can be removed via API. However, users can be kept on file in case they return to make future purchases.

  • Icons60X60 Update Info

    Update Billing Information

    Customers can manage and update their credit card information securely with PCI Level 1 compliance.

Customer Management

Engage with customers to increase satisfaction and reduce churn.

Satisfied customers are vital to a successful business. We provide all of the tools you need to manage customers and proactively address any potential issues.

  • Icons60X60 Customer Investigation

    Customer Investigation

    Get a deep view into customer data and investigate every suspended order, unpaid invoice, or failed payment. Identify problems then reach out to your customers directly or troubleshoot using payment operations.

  • Icons60X60 Custom Mail

    Custom Email Templates

    Set up a wide range of custom emails to notify users in all situations. These emails can be enabled, disabled, and customized according to your particular use case.

  • Icons60X60 Alerts


    In some cases, customers need multiple alerts to spur them to take action. AppDirect gives you control over automating and sending emails with any frequency and duration.

Payment Operations

Adjust payment details to help serve your customers more effectively.

AppDirect gives you the flexibility you need to quickly resolve unexpected errors or address customer concerns.

  • Icons60X60 Refund


    Refunds allow you to return money to a customer by selecting a successful payment. You can then select any line items to refund, including specific recurring fees, units, metered usage, or setup fees.

  • Icons60X60 Credit Profile


    Credits can be applied to any active subscription. Once added, a credit will reduce the cost of the customer's next payment.

  • Icons60X60 Discount


    Discounts can be created and applied to any subscription. A customer can add a given discount code without making any other changes to their subscription.

    • Percentage or Flat Rate
      Discounts can be percentage off the entire order or a flat amount. The code will apply to each subsequent billing cycle unless restricted.
    • Redemptions
      Codes can be set to be redeemable only once, or they can be made to be redeemable once by a company or user.
    • Code or Auto Apply
      Codes can limit promotions to particular customer groups. Discounts can also be applied automatically, indefinitely, or for a limited time.
    • Restrictions
      Restrictions can determine the number of billing cycles for which a discount applies or the period during which a discount can be claimed.
  • Icons60X60 Add Checkout Item

    Off Order Charges

    Off-order charges will charge the customer immediately for a one-time fee. This can be applied to any active subscription.

  • Icons60X60 Taxes


    Avalara is our taxation engine. Connect an Avalara account to our UI, or allow AppDirect to create an account for you and bill you in arrears.

  • Icons60X60 Currencies


    AppDirect prepares you for going global by supporting multiple currencies. When creating your pricing plans you can set the price per currency.

Reporting & Reconciliation

AppDirect gives you the data you need to close out your books and analyze sales.

When the unexpected happens, you need the ability to easily find the problem, understand the data, and remedy the issue.

  • Icons60X60 Invoice Data

    Invoice Data

    Invoices allow you to track all expected revenue and see which payments have been made and which are still outstanding. Every payment generates an invoice.

  • Icons60X60 Customer Contract

    Custom Reports

    If the standard reports don’t meet your needs, AppDirect can automatically generate custom daily reports. You can tailor these reports to include any combination of data.

  • Icons60X60 Payment Data

    Payment Data

    Payments are records of actual transactions. If a customer payment appears, then you have received that payment in full from the customer.

  • Icons60X60 Credit Restrictions

    PCI Compliant

    AppDirect is Level 1 PCI compliant. This means that we are fully secure and authorized to process credit card transactions. When distributing via the AppDirect Network, your customer's data will be completely safe.

  • Icons60X60 Payout


    Depending on your agreements, either AppDirect or the marketplace will issue you payouts based on your revenue share. Each payout can be viewed in the AppDirect portal and can be compared to the total overall payment.

  • Icons60X60 Shopping Data

    Order Data

    Orders are your customers' subscriptions. They detail all of the fees and services related to a customer and can have a range of statuses—including Active, Cancelled, Free Trial, Suspended, Upcoming, and many more—for greater insight into your business.

Designed for Simplicity / Built for Flexibility

API-addressable technology that allows for billing freedom.

Our APIs enable access to our robust functionality while maintaining ease of use and simplicity of integration. With our APIs, you can utilize everything in AppDirect’s checkout flow in your own context.

See our API documentation
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