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Workforce Identity Management

The only single sign-on identity and access solution you need to manage user access for all apps.

Identity & Access Management

Gain complete administrative control over cloud consumption while offering secure and convenient application access for your workforce.

A powerful set of tools in one platform

With multiple credentials across multiple users, applications, and systems, managing identity and access is one of today’s primary business technology challenges. We help companies meet this obstacle head on through one platform that offers single-sign on, directory integration, user management, pre-integrated applications, and more.

User management

Keep it simple with a single sign-on

After signing in once with one username and password, your workforce can launch all their web applications from a single page. Employees no longer have to remember URLs or multiple sets of credentials, which increases productivity and strengthens security.

Start up quickly utilizing pre-integrated apps

AppDirect offers an exhaustive service catalog populated with leading web applications, all pre-integrated to easily one-click install and assign to team members.

Directory Integration

Control the entire cloud directory from your fingertips.

Sync with existing infrastructure

Using our Directory Integration, you can seamlessly sync your directory infrastructure to the AppDirect network of cloud solutions. As an IT administrator, you can manage the company directory, provision and deprovision users from the existing directory, and maintain full redundancy with AppDirect as a temporary directory during any unexpected downtime, adding an indispensable security layer to your IT systems.

Snapshot of AppIdentity's Directory Integration showing how customers can sync their directory infrastructure to AppDirect's network of cloud solutions

Breeze into action with the Easy Setup Wizard

Quickly enable Active Directory support on AppDirect by downloading the required Directory Connector agent. Once the connector is set up behind a corporate firewall with our quick installation wizard, it serves as the communication bridge between Active Directory and AppDirect.

Regular synchronization to automate updates

The Directory Connector synchronizes data between Active Directory and AppDirect in real-time or pre-defined intervals. Users that are defined in Active Directory can have accounts automatically provisioned and de-provisioned on the AppDirect marketplace.

Flexibility for ADFS and other identity providers

The AppDirect Directory Connector was built to replace ADFS functionality to reduce the configuration complexity. However, AD FS 2.0 can be used in lieu of installing the Directory Connector. In addition, AppDirect’s SAML Service Provider lets users sign into AppDirect to access all their apps with SAML, and we also support most other major authentication standards.

User Provisioning

Manage all your applications and users, in one place.

Centralize and streamline user management

As your organization scales, manually creating, updating, and deleting user accounts across cloud apps becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming. Our user provisioning features offer a broad set of management tools, including efficient user onboarding workflows, role management, 3rd party app access management, analytics, service adoption flows, and much more. As an IT administrator you can track user service consumption and behavior patterns through an activity feed or a dashboard, make management decisions based on that data, and gradually change policies over time.

Complete and customizable security access control

Create and apply strong authentication policies based on your unique business needs for all users by user role, group, or location. Defining password character complexity, password length requirements, the time period for session timeouts, and max number of failed logins gives administrators the ability to enforce any existing policies.

Platform showing multiple applications with Password Manager being highlighted

Easily manage multi-user access with group-based controls

Our group management functionality allows you to manage access at scale. Administrators can create and assign users to custom groups, and then assign apps or access control to those groups. Users can belong to multiple groups, and apps or access can also be assigned to team members on an individual basis. IT privileges can be assigned to different users based on their seniority or work responsibilities, giving administrators additional flexibility. Administrators can quickly add additional apps to any user segment, and new employees added to the group are given access to all necessary apps in one step.

Authentication & Security

Lock down organizational security with next generation access control.

Keep authentication simple and centralized

AppDirect acts as a central point of access to all applications allowing you to apply authentication policies for all users in your organization across all their apps. With defining factors such as password complexity and expiration cycles, you can create a wide variety of personalized security policies. Policies can then be applied by context to address the varying security needs of your organization.

Add additional layers of security

Depending on your needs, you may require users to use a second authentication factor to add a layer of security at sign-in on top of passwords. AppDirect offers leading multi-factor authentication options including PKI certificates on request, as well as solutions from RSA, Symantec, Duo Security, VASCO, and Yubico.

Verification code screenshot for added layer of security

Keep track of all activity

AppDirect audit logs record all key activity from basic user updates to login attempts including application single sign-on attempts. Your company admins can then scan this information or export the data with our reporting engine to analyze it any way they want.

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