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Ensure your workforce has access to the latest information from sources across the company with integrated search.

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Intelligent Workspace

Create private search indexes in the cloud, utilizing existing assets and knowledge.

Consolidated searching

Connect siloed content with one searchable view. With full-text search across 40+ cloud apps, we securely processes information from individual apps in your company's infrastructure to find and reuse documents.

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Utilize organizational knowledge

Unlock the knowledge that's trapped in email, templates, presentations, and more. Boost productivity by enabling teams to securely search across multiple apps and accounts. Stop reinventing the wheel; find and reuse assets already created.

Easily find, filter, and preview content

Build and save complex filters. Use powerful advanced search capabilities or simply refine by author, title, or document type.

How It Works

We scan all available system content, compiling it into a personalized, encrypted search result.

1. Quick, simple setup

Getting started with a private search engine is incredibly easy. Set up in under a minute with a couple of clicks; users don't even need to type or share passwords.

2. Connect your accounts

Users choose the services they want to connect to, often just by clicking "allow." They can include user information for multiple accounts, including personal ones.

Platform showing the ability to connect your accounts with AppWise

3. Build indexes via individuals' approved access

We scan the content users have permission to access and processes individual documents, streaming them directly into an encrypted index. After an initial index is built, we automatically keep it up-to-date by adding, removing and updating content as it changes for every user. Role and permission changes in all connected services are updated in real-time.

Platform showing content user access and documents streaming them into the AppWise index

4. Structured search results

Provide an organized view of the content, no matter its source. As users search, we automatically shows what services and content types contain the terms being looked for, so employees can quickly get to the information they need.

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Seamlessly search through all of your cloud services.

Take advantage of integrated application options

We've already integrated with more than 40 leading business applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Asana. You can use our SDK to quickly author your own integrations with on-premises content repositories and proprietary systems.


We know the success of your business operations relies on the absolute protection of data.

Top-notch data security and encryption

Hosted in secure AES-256 encrypted and enterprise-ready data centers, AppWise satisfies the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, secure AES-256 encrypted communications, and legal protection, ensuring your workforce—and their information—are safe.

Secure, encrypted communications

All communications between your users' cloud-based app accounts through to delivery of search results are encrypted. Each personal search index is encrypted at rest with the AES-256 algorithm.

Secure encrypted communications being magnified on a platform

Your organization's data security is our highest priority

We utilize a multi-layered approach utilizing the best engineering practices available to protect key information, constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems, and processes to continually protect against emerging security challenges.

Protected data centers

We are hosted in some of the most secure, top-tier data-centers in the world. These facilities ensure the physical security of data, offering:

  • tightly monitored and managed access control and physical security
  • high bandwidth, network-neutral capacity protected by concrete vaults and redundant internal networks
  • multi-zone fire detection and suppression protection

Secure networks ensure data won't be stolen in transit

Connection to our environment is via TLS cryptographic protocols, using global step-up certificates, ensuring that users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service. Individual user sessions are identified and re-verified with each transaction, using a unique token created at login.

Real-time backups give confidence that your data won't be lost

We perform real-time replication to disk at each data center, and near real-time data replication between the production data center and the disaster recovery center. Transmitted across encrypted links, all data is backed up at each data center on a rotating schedule of incremental and full backups.

Both internal and third-party testing and assessments for security threats

AppWise regularly scans our network and systems for vulnerabilities. Third-party assessments are also conducted regularly. Whether is applications, network, code review or security control, we make sure to keep an eye on what's happening so you don't have to.

Security monitoring and threat assessment

Our Information Security department monitors notifications from various sources and alerts from internal systems to identify and manage threats. We regularly scan our network and systems for vulnerabilities. Third-party assessments are also conducted regularly.

Security options offer your customers versatility

Any security need can be met through a robust set of customer-controlled settings to further heighten privacy and protection.

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