Optimize the User Experience

Deliver a seamless end-user experience, from browsing and buying to smart updates.

Smart updates

Make post-upgrade issues a thing of the past. With our advanced compatibility engine, only the most recent and compatible version of software is deployed to devices, giving users a consistently reliable experience every time they access their services.

Push Promotions

Auto-deploy applications to all users to drive awareness and adoption. Deliver the mission-critical, device-specific apps they need to use your physical products, or simply promote certain applications by virtually preloading them.

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Simplify group purchasing and provisioning

Consolidate purchase and deployment across groups of users. Allow administrative users to browse and buy on behalf of others through a browser-based version of your marketplace for an easy bulk purchase experience.

Extend your brand

Maintain your relationship with customers by making your marketplace an extension of your brand. Easily customize the branding and layout of your marketplace through a variety of configurable options and developer tools.