Optimize the Device Experience

Manage the inherent complexity of embedded software with advanced provisioning and version management tools.

Automated provisioning

AppDevices provisions services on demand, providing customers with immediate access as soon as they buy or are assigned a service. Automatic entitlements push applications to devices through over-the-air deployments for fast adoption.

Configurable compatibility rules

The AppDevices compatibility engine allows for flexible compatibility definitions based on attributes and properties for both devices and software. The compatibility engine orchestrates rule prioritization and logic so the right software is deployed to the right device.

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Version management tools

Selling software for devices means offering concurrent versions. Allow multiple versions of software to exist in development and production environments, with built-in workflows to streamline submission and approval processes for administrators.

Push distributions

Take the friction out of software updates to deliver a seamless customer experience. Simplify application lifecycle management and cascade new feature releases quickly by automatically deploying the latest version with no user intervention required.