Manage Your Marketplace

Automate back office functions and optimize for self-service to reduce your cost of operations.

Automated provisioning and fulfillment

Provision all applications on demand, providing customers with immediate access to services as soon as they buy. If you’re selling physical products, automatically ship orders directly from the marketplace or connect to your existing fulfillment system.

A robust billing engine

Handle the billing complexity of multiple pricing models across ordering, provisioning, invoicing, and reconciliation. AppMarket integrates with leading payment gateways to provide an out-of-the-box solution, or APIs if you prefer to use your own billing system.

Customer management tools

Make customer on-boarding and management easy. Access a full view of marketplace activity, including company and contact information, number of users, pending applications, trials, spend, account details, and more.

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Integrate with existing business systems

Use 50+ connectors to integrate your marketplace with popular applications in a range of categories, such as CRM, sales automation, and marketing. Connectors enable a two-way data exchange between your marketplace and your existing systems to eliminate manual processes.

Out-of-the-box and customizable reports

Use a library of reports detailing user or subscription activity, invoices, payments, and more, or tailor reports to meet your unique business needs. Customize what you track, select data ranges and reporting frequency, and adjust the format of the downloadable reports.

Gain real-time visibility into data and analytics

Track marketplace activity and health from customizable dashboards. Discover trends that will help you achieve your KPIs and accelerate your workflows. Export the data or use our APIs to connect to other tools.