Integrate once, scale to many

Avoid technical complexities of managing different integrations and profiles through multiple partners. With a single free and simple integration, AppDistribution’s RESTful APIs enable automatic account provisioning, user assignments and single sign-on access across the entire AppDirect ecosystem.

App Distribution1a

Find the right distribution partners

AppDirect has a large community of telecommunications and managed service providers like Comcast, Cancom, Deutsch Telekom, etc. Our Core Distribution program helps you avoid time-consuming channel network negotiations and you are also 10x more likely to find more than one channel partner.

App Distribution1b

Access new markets and customers

The extensive AppDirect ecosystem provides exposure to thousands of businesses that might not otherwise come across your product. AppDirect’s community of marketplaces makes no market or region unreachable and you can choose where your product can be distributed by simply clicking “Publish”.

App Distribution1c

Get Paid Quickly

AppDirect manages all transactions on your behalf. This allows you to avoid the billing nightmare and enjoy a check on the fifth of every month. Prefer PayPal? We'll send the money straight to your account. Set the price of your product and our reconciliation engine parses the amount owed to each entity in the transaction.

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