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Telia Company Delivers Localized Marketplaces for a Tailored Experience

Learn how Telia Company is realizing its vision of becoming a next-generation telecommunications company.


Telia Company serves millions of customers every day in one of the world's most connected regions. They are the hub in the digital ecosystem, empowering people and companies to stay in touch with everything that matters.

Part of the company’s mission is to provide its customers with access to the best solutions available, which means offering adjacent business and consumer solutions such as cloud services. Marcus Lidbeck, Vice President and Head of Digital Markets at Telia Company said, “We expect cloud-based services to become part of our core offering in the near future. We want to provide everything from the devices to the access to the applications.”

The company needed a solution that would enable it to quickly roll out new services, create multiple marketplaces tailored to local needs, bundle services easily, and provide a customizable, responsive user experience.


The telecom evaluated multiple cloud service commerce platforms, ultimately choosing AppDirect both for its ability to meet Telia Company's technical requirements as well as its role as a thought leader in the cloud service commerce space. Telia now leverages both AppMarket and AppReseller to transact with customers in three regions.

Customer Quote

“With AppDirect it was perfect. We could enter into the market with a quick start and a low upfront investment.”

Marcus Lidbeck, Vice President and Head of Digital Markets


Telia became the first company to deploy a multi-marketplace strategy leveraging the AppDirect platform. It now operates localized marketplaces with global and local offerings that span different languages, currencies, and continents. The company has taken advantage of the ability to provide discounted offerings by creating packaged options, and has plans to expand its bundling offers in the future. Read more about Telia Company's success with AppDirect in this case study.

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    Whether you’re new to cloud commerce or looking to scale, AppDirect can help you market, manage, and sell the native and third-party services your customers are looking for.

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    Differentiate and stimulate the usage of core products by attaching cloud solutions.


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    Automate processes to simplify provisioning, billing, and end-user management.

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