Pivotal Gives Developers the Tools They Need

With it’s AppDirect-powered marketplace, Pivotal enables developers to find and deploy tools to build software with ease.


Pivotal’s mission is to help business build and drive value in the cloud era. To do that, the company knew it needed to make it as easy as possible for developers to access the tools they need to build new software.

Pivotal Challenge


Pivotal wanted to offer a service marketplace where developers could go to find tools to build on the Cloud Foundry platform. AppDirect’s ability to support developer ecosystems was a key differentiator. “We needed someone who could provide the capabilities to expose the tools to customers,” says Paul Maritz, the company’s Executive Chairman. “We want to enable a true open ecosystem for the cloud, and that’s why we selected AppDirect.”


With AppDirect, Pivotal now offers a dozens of services and tools that developers can easily find and deploy to their Cloud Foundry applications within seconds. Using AppDirect’s APIs, Pivotal is able to provide a completely customized marketplace, and developers can even purchase directly from the command line, making the experience even more seamless.

Customer Quote

“AppDirect is a critical part of enabling our customers to get access to a rich set of services”

PAUL MARITZ, Chairman of the Board

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