Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom Gains Critical Flexibility

Hawaii’s homegrown telco delivers value to customers faster with AppDirect.

Hawaiian Telcom is the incumbent local exchange carrier or dominant local telephone company, serving the state of Hawaii. First in the area of communications -- Internet, wireless, and data transmission -- and then into broader digital applications that improve customers' worlds every day. Hawaiian Telcom has been engaged in new products and services.

Marketplace Hawaiian Telcom

For us, it's really an opportunity to service the customer in a more immediate, timely manner and to allow us to be fairly flexible in what we can provide the customer without the traditional wait time that you would see with a traditional telco or a more traditional service. So we're very excited to see what the platform can do in that manner.

- Ken Hensarling, Director of Business Product Management
Customer Hawaiian Telcom Ken Hensarling

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