DocuSign Extends Its Global Reach

DocuSign aims to conquer the rest of the market with one scalable AppDirect API integration.


While many companies would be satis ed with a 70 percent market share in North America and a 66 percent market share internationally, DocuSign has set its sights on reaching the far larger total addressable market by growing its indirect sales channel.

According to Mark Register, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign, “Partners can help us improve our reach, get deeper into verticals, acquire more leads, sell more opportunities, and expand into territories that we can’t effectively cover ourselves.”

DocuSign Challenge


Working hand-in-hand, the development teams from DocuSign and AppDirect completed the integration to the AppDirect platform in just 90 days. “The implementation process was extremely smooth,” says Register. “It was the fastest of all of our third-party implementations.”


While still early days with the new integration, Register expects it to bring significant revenue for DocuSign. “The AppDirect partnership fits squarely into our global distribution strategy to place DocuSign into marketplaces worldwide,” says Register. “I’m also excited for the opportunities we believe will come to us through the relationships that AppDirect has with large communication service providers.”

The AppDirect partnership also helps DocuSign scale its channel program cost effectively. Before the integration, managing reseller transactions was a manual process. “Without the automation that AppDirect provides, it would be extremely difficult to manage the business, let alone achieve the scale that we want as we grow around the world.”

Customer Quote

“The AppDirect partnership fits squarely into our global distribution strategy to place DocuSign into marketplaces worldwide.”

MARK REGISTER, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Channels

How ISVs Partner with AppDirect

  • Building a Software Ecosystem

    To succeed in the digital economy, independent software vendors (ISVs) are driving innovation and revenue by creating developer ecosystems that give developers a clear path to monetization.

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  • Automate Reseller Management

    Eliminate manual processes, and build a scalable reseller program through an automated platform.


  • Expand Partnership Strategy 

    Showcase and generate referrals for third-party services that complement your solutions.


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