Configure Pricing and Packaging

Choose from among the simplest to the most complex types of pricing structures for your products.

Thousands of pricing model permutations

Choose from thousands of permutations of pricing models—one time, recurring, tiered, and usage-based charges along with various setup fees—in minutes. We support all configurations, from simple physical goods to complex tiered subscriptions with overages.

Multiple currencies

Go global with support for multiple currencies. Manage prices per currency for any product you want to sell, be it a one-time charge or an extensive rate card.

Easily set up trials and convert them

Let your customers try before they buy with adjustable free trial periods. Allow automatic or gated conversions to paid editions and offer grace periods for cancellations. Track conversion rates to measure impact of your marketing efforts.

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Structure discounts and coupons

Provide percentage-based or dollar-based discounts and coupons to drive acquisition and retention. Configure discounts to apply one-time, across multiple billing cycles, or in perpetuity. You can also define a time period during which the discount is active.

Create custom bundles

Develop a bundle of products and services with top-line pricing and contracts to suit your go-to-market strategy. Build in restrictions for subscription changes, cancellations, remove discounts, or apply change fees and renewal settings.

Build contract terms

Seamlessly draw up contracts for your products and services. Define total contract duration, renewal, and change behavior with a few clicks. Contract changes and renewals can be controlled tightly through restriction rules, grace periods, change fees, and renewal settings.