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The Hottest Thing at CES and the GENIVI Showcase WASN’T a Product

Device Manufacturers and Automakers finally join the connected device ecosystem using IFTTT This year I had the opportunity to not only attend CES but...

By Emanuel Bertolin / AppDevices / Jan 13, 2016


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Did Geeksphone run out of ‘geeks’ to sell to?

Geeksphone originally established itself through manufacturing handsets based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS. After partnering with Silent Circle their “Blac...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Jul 21, 2015

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Satkirit selects AppCarousel to launch and manage custom app store

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AppCarousel, a leading provider of app store solutions and content ecosystem services, today announced it ...

By James MacTavish / AppDevices / Oct 06, 2013