Yast Makes It Easy to Track Billable Hours

By Doriane Mouret / August 30, 2011

Yast Screenshot

It's something service companies with hourly billing system have to face: How do you track your employees’ hours in order to bill your customers accurately? Some companies make their employees write their hours down, and transcribe the notes to electronic spreadsheets. Then, they manually total the number of hours in order to create invoices. Though this solution gets the job done, it is inefficient, complicated and ends up costing a lot of time and headaches.

Fortunately, a brilliant team of Norwegian engineers decided to develop an application to streamline this process, creating Yast Time Tracker. It was built with users in mind, explains Halvor Gregusson, CEO at Yast: “We have spent a couple of years now to figure out an interface for tracking time that people are comfortable with," he says. "And we gained tons of love for the fact that we have solved the time tracking part very well.”

Indeed, Yast is a simple online application designed to track time on multiple projects and tasks. With Yast's mobile app, users can even track time spent on phone calls. They can also generate easy-to-read reports to be shared with their customers or downloaded to their computers. “If you’re looking for a simple time-tracking tool with visuals that are easy to read at a glance, Yast fits the bill,” writes Jason Fitzpatrick in Lifehacker.

But Gregusson and his team want to do more: “We´ve decided it´s time for us to complete the service with the additional features required to make Yast a great tool for the workflow for everyone in the organization, and make it a tool that really stands out in the crowd in several aspects of the work process,” he says. In the next few months, Yast will add many new features, including one that will drastically enhance the power of the application: The Money Management Tool. With this new tool, users will be able to add functionality for price per hour, billable tags for time tracked, financial reports for their projects, and expenses and budgets to a project.

Again, Gregusson credits users for the new functionality. “This work has now begun, and during the rest of the year and beginning of 2012, you will see that Yast is improving to something even better,” said Gregusson. “But we couldn´t have done it without enormous amounts of feedback from our users.”

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