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Xendo's Search API in Beta

By AppWise / Nov 22, 2015

The Xendo team is excited to announce that we're opening up our API to developers to enable the creation of search-based enterprise applications.

Xendo's built on top of powerful REST-based APIs that we're opening up to developers, like you. We've already been working iwth Enterprise customers who've integrated contextual information into their proprietary workflows, and now you can incorporate search, auto-suggest, auto-complete into your web and mobile applications. Key capabilities include:

  • Search - The Search API enables apps to search any connected account with the full-power of Xendo's full-text search, filters and OCR. Search results are ranked in relevance order by default, but may be chronologically and reverse-chronologically ordered also. Results can be returned in page-able subsets.
  • Auto-complete - The typeahead autocomplete API accepts a query parameter that returns results with matching (including partial matches) of titles, names and companies.
    Auto-suggest - Auto-suggest can be used to offer 'Did you mean:' functionality to suggest alternative spellings and help users find content they might have missed.<>
  • Facets - The Facets API lists the services, content types and date ranges containing items matching the search query.
  • Recent Content - The Recent Content API returns the most recent content updates, whether they're new emails, document updates in a shared drive or social media updates. Recent Content queries may also be combined with filters to get 'recent updates in presentations from my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts'.

Full documentation is available on request and the Xendo team is available to give priority support during our Beta period. Sign upregister for a developer account to get started.