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Xendo is Entering a New Era as AppWise!

By AppWise / December 15, 2016


All the way back in 2015 we were acquired by AppDirect, the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services. Now in 2016, Xendo is one of many AppDirect subsidiaries across a variety of solution categories. Changing to AppWise is part of a larger effort to unify our brand assets and deliver a more cohesive solution set to our wide variety of customers.

What does that mean? The first and most important thing to point out is that nothing has changed for existing customers as it relates to the native functionality of our app. In other words, business as usual! While you may come in contact with a different logo or some fresh brand assets, the act of searching, filter and acting upon your content will remain unchanged.

New Website

However, as you have seen now, our website has receive a considerable upgrade in style and content. We’ve completely re-structured our site to bring clearer and more focused messaging around our mission and purpose. We’ve re-organized the site map, built a customer page and have generally pared down content so visitors are left with a more streamlined and valuable experience. 

New Emails

This means that communications will come from emails with an domain and emails to us should be sent to that as well. Examples: → →

The API functionality has also remained unchanged. However, we are working on comprehensive improvements to our API structure in the near future so keep an eye out for an announcement about it in the future.

We hope all of this will serve to help you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback.