Wistia Makes Sharing, Tracking Video Simple for Businesses

By Doriane Mouret / February 28, 2011

Wistia Screenshot

Creating video is one of the simplest and most successful ways to spread a message.

Video not only drives customer acquisitions at a significantly lower cost than AdWords, it expands a business's addressable market by helping create demand instead of simply harvesting it. In the past few years, video has delivered outstanding results for many startups, driving traffic and redefining online marketing. Just ask Dropbox founder Drew Houston:

“…Out of necessity, we made a short video demonstrating Dropbox and launched it on Digg. Within 24 hours, it had more than 10,000 Diggs. It drove hundreds of thousands of people to the website. Our beta waiting list went from 5,000 people to 75,000 people literally overnight. It totally blew us away.”

At AppDirect, we took our first step toward creating demand for our service with Wistia, an effective and elegant application helping businesses host, share and track videos. Here are just few examples of what Wistia enables us to do:

Create Partnerships

Wistia proved to be a very powerful tool for creating partnerships with major distribution channels. We sent out videos via e-mail and when we saw on our Wistia Dashboard that prospects watched our video, we immediately followed up with a call. We had a staggering success rate on calls informed by Wistia analytics.

Engage Customers

We used videos to check the interest level our partner's customers and got incredible results: In our poll, more than 95 percent of customers saw a high level of appeal in our products and services. Video was an easy and entertaining for our customers to understand our message.

Launch New Campaigns

We quickly realized that we could use Wistia's video sharing in other aspects of our business, too. We now use or plan to use this application to recruit talent, orient new customers, demonstrate new products and more!

Wistia is playing an essential role in our marketing strategy at AppDirect. It not only offers highly relevant services, it is also really easy-to-use. We are excited to have found this application, and to recommend it in our app store. Thank you, Wistia, for helping us grow our business every day.