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Wired reviews the new Range Rover Evoque featuring the InControl Touch Pro powered by AppCarousel

By James MacTavish / December 1, 2015

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Today, Wired UK reviewed our partner, Jaguar Land Rover’s new 2016 Evoque Convertible, featuring their brand new InControl Touch Pro powered by our cloud app services. As one of JLR’s best sellers, Wired also highlighted that JLR wanted the Evoque to be the technology poster child of their line-up. As detailed by Wired’s Product Editor, Jeremy White, “The car's new ‘InControl Touch Pro’ media setup, which has the option of 3G connectivity, does away with ‘hard’ buttons, moving options to the touchscreen where users can swipe, pan, and ‘pinch and zoom’ to control or navigate apps, the same as using a smartphone or tablet, much like the new Volvo XC90 - which has one of the best touchscreens WIRED has encountered in a car.”

As a tier one vendor to JLR, we not only provide and operate a range of cloud services for the provisioning of apps and content to their vehicles but offer drivers information in new ways. This includes the Connected Navigation system, which White detailed, “now offers weather info not only on where you are going, but how conditions will be when you arrive. Flight tracking is also built in.” This is just another way we take the integration of apps in the connected car environment and make them an intuitive experience for the driver.

We are incredibly proud to be powering the future of the connected car experience with Jaguar Land Rover and supporting where their in-car tech will be heading in the future. As JLR’s Head of Connected Technologies and Apps, Peter Virk said, “IOT is going to be the biggest thing. My autonomous home linking to my intelligent car… The potential is already there”. To read more on the review of the latest Land Rover Evoque, please go to Range Rover takes the top off the Evoque (and adds a killer touchscreen).