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Why an IT Company is the Best Place to be a Sysadmin

By François B / Dec 21, 2014

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for different types of companies: a financial institution, a large publishing company and an insurance company. Each of them had a different perspective on IT.

Some of them saw it as a cost. Some were using it as a way to change their declining business. But at their core, none of them operated like an IT shop where everyone lived and breathed the mutual philosophy that IT can deliver software and services to fundamentally change and improve a business.

In most organizations, work is handled by specific departments, teams, sub-teams and specialists. In large organizations, this can quickly lead to silos and politics – a culture where teams protect themselves by being rigid on scope of responsibilities. I’ve tried swimming against the current of this structure and it can feel like a long journey, even when what you are trying to accomplish is relatively simple.

Why I chose an IT company to be a sysadmin

At AppHelp, we deliver world class technology services to our customers and we are not afraid to organize ourselves in the best way to facilitate delivery for the business. At our core, we believe that IT infrastructure needs to be dynamic, flexible and capable of adapting to all situations.

Our NOC team is an infrastructure team with cross platform skills and expertise in networks, systems, storage administration and cloud computing. We use best of breed technologies (Cisco, VMware, open source and Amazon Web Services) to build our infrastructure.

Our infrastructure team (called NOC) manages all network (switching, routing, firewall, VPN, load balancer), system (Windows, Linux, VMware), storage (iSCSI SAN, NAS, backup) administration and cloud computing (CloudStack and AWS) operations and has access to all the tools they need to fix issues and implement infrastructure improvements to better service other teams.

Using automation ((SaltStack) and CloudStack we have transformed our traditional VMware clusters to a private cloud for our internal users. As a result, our team members no longer spends time deploying servers for other teams. Instead, our team maintains the platform (CloudStack) that grants a simple, self-service access to infrastructure resources to all internal users.

Our vision in NOC is to provide our developers access to the best platforms available in the market to allow them to keep focusing on developing new features for our products.

Working as a sysadmin at AppHelp

Working at AppHelp means working alongside a specialized and versatile network of system administrators. We are an IT company; we live and breathe technology and are passionate about it. Our environment empowers people to perform at their best and we invest a lot in our people, as they are the core of our success.

If what you just read is appealing you, and you detest red tape and are interested in a dynamic and flexible environment, AppHelp is presently looking for a Senior System Administrator for its NOC team. Other positions are also available.