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Video: Experts on the Future of Cloud Service Commerce

By Stephen Banbury / January 30, 2015

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In a fast-moving sector like cloud service commerce, it can be incredibly difficult to predict where the industry is heading. Case in point: Five years ago, when Microsoft Office 365 was in beta, few predicted the immense success of the “potentially useful” cloud-based software suite. Today, almost 10 million people use Office 365, making it one of Microsoft’s most successful offerings.

At AppDirect, we’ve brought together a group of cloud service commerce experts to weigh in on where they think the industry is going. Some, like Pivotal’s Paul Maritz, focus on the increasing “real-time” capabilities of the cloud, while others, including Craig Muzilla at Red Hat, are interested in the impending explosion of cloud services. Experts from BT Group, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra, Swisscom, and Comcast also provide insights from their vantage point as cloud service providers of choice for SMBs.

Whatever the future of cloud services may bring, we’re excited to be a part of it. Click below to watch the video.

Stephen Banbury is the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at AppDirect.