Vesica Modernizes Art Collecting Management

By Doriane Mouret / October 11, 2011

Vesica Screenshot

Art collecting is not a new practice, but today's technology offers aficionados exciting ways to manage their collections. Often, these solutions are created by art collectors themselves who see a need in the market. For example, Asif Nawaz, CEO at Vesica, said his wife has been documenting private art and antique textile collections for overseas collectors. “We didn’t really find any system at the time that allowed for proper documentation of such pieces and allowed collaboration between her and the clients," he said. "So we built such an application. Then we revisited the concept from a commercial and standards compliance standpoint and Vesica as we know it today was born.”

Vesica is a cost-effective and easy to use end-to-end collection management application. It’s a secure and fully backed-up solution with a dashboard that gives users a snapshot view of their collections and objects. With Vesica, users can take everything online – images, documents, audio, video – and any other information they have about the objects in their collections. The storage is unlimited and the application integrates completely with their own websites. It offers other services as well, as CEO Nawaz explains, “Vesica can integrate with museum websites and other collection management apps and has an extremely rich feature set, including the ability to stream audio and video, crop and annotate images and visualizing your collection.”

And it is continuing to grow: The application will soon offer a new feature that will enable users to create online pay-per-views exhibitions, making Vesica the only app in this industry that allows museums to generate additional revenue without any investment. Ready to give Vesica a try? You can demo it for free at AppDirect.