Use Upaknee to Send Targeted Emails (Not Spam)

By Doriane Mouret / Aug 22, 2011

Upaknee Screenshot

According to a 2009 survey from Epsilon, 57 percent of consumers get a positive impression they receive email from a company. And 50 percent said they are more likely to buy products -- both online and at the store -- from companies who send emails. If composed properly, outbound customer emails can increase customers’ awareness of your products, build brand strength, and create sales.

However, spam is a notorious blight on our inboxes; companies need the right tools to ensure they are sending targeted marketing emails and not irritating potential customers with unwanted ofers. This requires keen attention to the content and the design of marketing emails and the list of targeted recipients -- important email marketing features that a standard email client does not properly support.

That's what makes Upaknee unique: Upaknee is a permission-based email marketing solution for large and small businesses. Using a simple step-by-step wizard, Upaknee creates professional email campaigns, giving marketers control of the design and the ability to integrate the effort with a broader marketing campaign. Messages can be personalized and recipient lists can be segmented by geographical or demographic data.

Marketing emails can also scheduled ahead of time to launch on a specific date and email previews help prevent embarrassing errors. Once the campaign is launched, marketers can track open and click-through rates to get a complete view of campaign activity -- including reporting on spam complaints.

Customization is key to Upaknee, and makes it a perfect solution for any marketing department looking to create professional marketing emails campaigns. Try it for free on AppDirect.