Tune Into Galaxie for a Simple, Cost-effective Music Solution

By Doriane Mouret / October 18, 2011

Galaxie Screenshot

It is scientifically proven: Music has as significant effect on customer behavior. Not only can background music increase customer spending, but it can help your customers feel more relaxed and even change their perception of time so they shop longer. Of course, each particular business needs to find the music that is right for its customers. You wouldn’t play electronic music in a massage salon, or ambient music in a supermarket.

In addition, businesses have to find the appropriate way to play their music. Using your personal iPod? Playing a regular radio station? You’d better not, unless you want to pay royalty fees. Playing your personal music library or a radio station in your shop is considered a public performance, and you will be charged a specific rate for each song depending on its length and your location. Programming that music and figuring out the fees can be a lot of work. Good thing there’s a better solution.

Meet Galaxie. The Galaxie Broadband Player is a simple and cost-effective music solution for businesses. The application offers 45 music channels covering all popular musical genres. Each channel is commercial free, so your customers won’t have to deal with advertisements or interruptions. Music experts select songs by genre and programmed by music, saving you from having to program playlists by yourself. And because royalties are already included, Galaxie saves you time and hassle, which helps you save money.

And Galaxie can give you more than music for your customers: If you have a TV in your office or shop, you can use Galaxie to play music videos. You can also use Galaxie at work to let your employees listen to music without having to subscribe to numerous websites. “At work I have an endless playlist of music," said one satisfied Galaxie customer. "I’m a big '80s fan and keep the channel on while I’m online. It’s like my personal commercial-free radio station.”

At AppDirect, you can experience all the features offered by Galaxie by trying it now for free. Make sure that you give us feedback and let us know how you're customers and employees are enjoying this smart application.