Tracking Project Progress is a Snap With Easy Projects

By Doriane Mouret / June 15, 2011

Easyprojects Screenshot

In 2003, the staff at Easy Projects .NET went looking for a software solution that could help manage the company's many development projects. But the team came up empty handed. “There were a whole bunch of open source products with great functionality, however they were created by programmers for programmers, and the interface was not good,” remembers Vadim Katcherovski, Chief “Make-It-Happen” Officer at Easy Projects .NET. “At the end we decided to build our own product.”

The result was Easy Projects .NET, a web-based project management tool that delivers simple, straightforward team collaboration tools. Built to manage entire cycles of projects, Easy Projects .NET has several features that can save time and money for any project-based worker. The Collaboration module provides a team workspace where all team members can share information and files about a project, post messages, chat online, hold live meetings with up to 10 participants or create group calendar events. The Resource Loading page helps managers oversee their workloads and allocate team resources based on staff roles. Time Tracker monitors work progress, tracking completed and past-due tasks and assigning a cost to each item. The application even simplifies billing, filtering accounts by customer and allowing users to “choose all” projects and send a single invoice to customers for all active projects.

Katcherovski says that once his team competed development of Easy Projects .NET to serve their own needs, the obvious next step was to share it with customers. “They really loved it and asked if they could use this product for their projects as well. And then we thought: ‘Well, if they like it, maybe somebody else is going to like it as well’. That’s how Easy Projects .NET was born,” he says.

Since then, customers have raved about the improvement in their project management. “The need for double entry was completely eliminated," said Ramesh Rajasundram, IT manager at ICOM Information & Communications L.P. "We were able to save at least 10 minutes per request for team members and about five minutes per request on my time. That’s a savings of approximately $45,000 a year.”

Ready to improve your projects? Start using Easy Projects .NET, in English or French, free for 15 days on AppDirect. You’ll see the difference.