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Top 10 Hottest IoT Trends 0f 2016

By Colin Chong / May 19, 2016

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Here are the Top 10 Internet of Things trends seen at this years biggest IoT shows

Last week the AppCarousel team attended IoT World in Santa Clara and the Internet of Things Summit in London.

Here are 10 key themes that we picked up.

1. Security is critical. As disparate Internet of Things networks get connected together, securing the devices, the networks and the data is going to be top of mind for the industry

2. Device manufacturers are looking beyond the sale of the device. Across every sub-sector of IoT, from wearables to telemetry, the focus of 2016 is getting devices out there but the manufacturers know that it’s the service that underpin those devices that will grow their business so they are looking to create ecosystems and service delivery platforms to remain involved long after the device has been shipped

3. In fact I would say that “Everything-as-a-Service” is hot right now. Devices will become a means to an end and will be secondary to the service they deliver. Wearables as a service, cars as a service, farm machinery as a service … you name it, someone is thinking of how to run a service based on it

4. “Come develop on our platform” is the oft-heard cry from presenters at conferences. “We have open APIs and a great developer program”. And, in a world where there are so many choices, the response from developers is “Will your platform be the one that survives?” and “Show me the money? How can I monetize my innovations on your platform?”

5. In a fragmented and proprietary market like IoT, companies like Kii, Xively, SeeControl and ThingWorx are claiming they are the panacea. They piece different standards and systems together and deliver solutions. Once IoT matures, maybe their role will not be as important but today platform companies that integrate complex and confusing parts of IoT are needed

6. While many companies specialize in one small part of IoT such as smart home or industrial automation, it’s interesting to see the giants that are playing in every aspect of IoT. They include GE, Honeywell, IBM, Samsung, Intel, Bosch, and many more. They have the resources, expertise and staying power to dominate huge chunks of IoT

7. The majority of government money and grants are going into smart transportation and smart cities because they are the most complex problems to solve but with the biggest payback to society. And most governments are also doing it to ensure the tech companies in their countries dominate the future world of IoT

8. As with any fragmented but growing market, consolidation happens. In IoT we have recently seen the wearables company Withings acquired by Nokia, Under Armour is on a permanent M&A shopping spree, Arynga was recently acquired by Intel Wind River, and even our own company AppCarousel was acquired by AppDirect to become the IoT division of that company. 2016 will see a big wave of further acquisitions in IoT, as companies scramble to have more of the pieces

9. Most IoT companies are demanding a way to showcase their products and those of their developers and ecosystem. App stores, marketplaces and catalogs are in vogue, and will continue to prosper as the range of products and solutions expands. GE Predix has a catalog, Tridium has the Niagara Marketplace, and here at AppCarousel we are working on many other similar projects.

10. In the end it will be all about the data. IoT is generating huge amounts of data, and the debate is what to do with it and how to monetize it. For example Jaguar cars are already terrific weather sensors on wheels and that data is being generated today (we should know because we provide a global cloud platform to Jaguar Land Rover) and we know that weather information is valuable, but the question is how can that data be brokered, used and monetized?

In summary, 2016’s IoT conferences have security, standards and connectivity as their biggest topics. I see 2017’s as being far more around monetization, services and ecosystems. We can’t wait!