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Telematics News: Exclusive Interview with Lissa Franklin, Head of Marketing for AppCarousel, talks about her work with Jaguar Land Rover

By James MacTavish / Jun 22, 2016

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Working with Jaguar Land Rover to expand content partnerships in Asia Lissa Franklin is head of marketing development at AppCarousel, a leader in end-to-end app management, monetization and cloud service platforms for the connected car, fleet, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries.

lissa-franklin-appcarouselBased in San Francisco, Lissa manages AppCarousel’s marketing strategies while overseeing partner relationships and business development in its core markets. Lissa has over 15 years in the wireless and technology industries and was previously co-founder and he ad of marketing at Telespree Communications, an enabler of cloud-based wireless data services for mobile carriers,MVNOs, and wholesale providers. Telespree was acquired by Evolving Systems where she managed global marketing. Lissa graduated from Washington University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Q: Telematics News (TN): What is your role at AppCarousel? Is it correct to think of AppCarousel as a startup? Perhaps you could talk us through your typical day at AppCarousel?

A: As Head of Market Development based in San Francisco, I manage business development and market strategy for AppCarousel. I spend my days talking with companies about opportunities, identifying industry trends, attending conferences and managing marketing initiatives. AppCarousel, the leading cloud commerce platform for connecting automotive infotainment, data and services with the Internet of Things (IoT), is a subsidiary and business unit of the privately held company AppDirect.

Q: Late last year, your work with Jaguar Land Rover generated lots of interest. What is the status of this project? Have there been any recent developments to the companies apps and content?

A: Cars are being shipped, the solution is live, and there are drivers in several markets now getting real value from the delivery of our connected car cloud platform. Now it's all about continuing to grow that ecosystem. For the apps and services, we're growing our catalog in every way. We are working with Jaguar Land Rover to expand content partnerships in Asia, with a focus on the Chinese market. We are bringing in additional media types and genres, including podcasts, streaming video, and business applications that add value to the driving experience. In addition we are building connections to IoT devices that really bridge the gaps between vehicles, homes, and mobile devices. This allows us to deliver a compelling, seamless experience for drivers, both in and out of their vehicles.

Q: How has the acquisition by AppDirect last year impacted on AppCarousel? What are the synergies between the two companies? With its leading cloud monetization and management platform, AppDirect provides

With its leading cloud monetization and management platform, AppDirect provides AppCarousel customers a tremendous benefit. The combined organization offers more re ach, broader solutions, and an enhanced network effect that allows any automaker or IoT provider to quickly enable cloud commerce into their businesses. This unlocks new business models for anyone offering a connected device or digital product, and allows them to scale from software management to having a flourishing revenue-generating ecosystem on one platform.

Q: You recently joined the GENIVI Alliance. What activities are you supporting within the platform? Are you active in any of the multiple other In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) initiatives such as Automotive Grade Linux, Tizen, Autosar, DLNA, OAA, AvNU etc etc? How do you bring sanity to this confusion?

A: While there are obvious areas such as software management in GENIVI that we are looking to support, we're also examining how we can provide alliance members the tools and services they need to monetize the connected car opportunity. This type of initiative isn't in the scope of most IVI initiatives, but is a crucial part of building a successful platform. To that end, we're working with organizations in various capacities to advance connected car commerce while remaining agnostic at the technical standards level. For example,

we provide the monetizable news service for the AGL Open Stack, which itself is built on top of Tizen. The benefit we bring to contributors and adopters of all these standards is that we strengthen their business cases by unlocking revenue streams from the beginning.

Q: Can you tell us more about your partnership with Mobica? Is this focused on automotive applications or the wider IoT?

A: We're certainly looking at the wider IoT landscape together, and it's with an understanding that applications and data are only becoming more pervasive. The market is constantly demanding more apps, services, and control, and our partnership with Mobica is about addressing those problems faster through collaboration. Mobica’s professional services and custom software solutions are totally complementary to our cloud platform, so whether it’s connected car or the rest of the IoT landscape, we are delivering full end-to-end solutions in a very competitive manner.

Working with Jaguar Land Rover to expand content partnerships in Asia

Q: What are the future plans for AppCarousel? What other automotive technologies are under development?

A: For automotive and IoT device manufacturers, we're going to make it easy to go from the managing of digital assets on their devices to driving new experiences and business from an ecosystem of apps, services, and data. We're going to do this not just by providing a new suite of developer kits and services on top of our cloud monetization suite, but also by brokering relationships between service providers and distribution channels. A big part of this is engineering for the multiple standards, platforms, and initiatives in the connected automotive space. We're excited about how we're able to help bridge the connected car to other IoT devices. The car itself is the killer app, and we're here to help propagate it.


China: Jaguar launches XFL with next gen infotainment

The all-new Jaguar XFL launched for the China market is offered with the InControl Touch system with 8-inch capactive touchscreen, and the next-generation InControl Touch Pro system – Jaguar’s most advanced infotainment system ever.

InControl Touch Pro is designed around a tablet-style 10.2-inch touchscreen and is as intuitive to use as it is powerful, making every journey a more enjoyable, rewarding experience.

InControl Touch Pro features state-of-the-art technologies including a powerful quad-core processor and a high-speed 60GB solid-state drive (SSD). Everything is connected using ultra-fast Ethernet – the most advanced network available and up to five times quicker than competing technologies. Put together, this gives InControl Touch Pro incredible computing power and delivers exceptional performance and functionality.

The 10.2-inch touchscreen makes interaction smooth, seamless and intuitive. The home screen can be customised and widgets can be added to provide shortcuts to specific features, functions, tasks and favourite contacts. It’s even possible to add additional customised home screens if desired.

The screen delivers superb graphics and the super-wide display enables multitasking. So for instance, media can be shown in the main area of the screen, while the side panel can show journey status or phone details.

Because the data is stored on the highspeed SSD it can be accessed in a fraction of the time needed for conventional hard drives, so the graphics are sharp, highly detailed and incredibly responsive. Users can zoom in and out of maps using ‘pinch’ and ‘pan’ gestures – nothing could be simpler or more intuitive.

InControl Touch Pro can get you to your destination even when the GPS signal is lost, thanks to innovative dead-reckoning functionality. By analysing data from the vehicle’s sensors, it can accurately predict the vehicle’s location and heading – something beyond the capability of smartphone navigation apps.

Functionality is taken to the next level by specifying InControl Touch Pro’s data connection and location-based features and services. Enter a destination and the system can check if there’s enough fuel in the tank to complete the journey. If not, the driver is alerted and filling stations on the route that are within range are highlighted on the map: a tap is all it takes to add one as a waypoint.

A companion app for iOS and Android smartphones enables true door-to-door route planning and guidance and can help you to complete the final stage of your journey on foot. The app also enables synching of routes and destinations between the device and the all-new XFL’s InControl Touch Pro system so that routes can be set in advance and uploaded automatically once in the car. Outstanding performance: Meridian audio InControl Touch Pro is designed to deliver exceptional audio performance too, and offers a choice of two systems developed specifically for the all-new XFL together with world-renowned British firm Meridian.

The first is a superb 380W system with 11 speakers (including subwoofer), while the truly outstanding surround sound system delivers 825W and features 17 speakers (including subwoofer). To enhance the experience still further, the surround sound system benefits from Meridian’s and Audyssey’s signal processing technologies, producing rich, balanced sound throughout the all-new XFL’s cabin.

And because all of the speakers and amplifiers are so carefully matched, it delivers its high output with exceptionally low levels of total harmonic distortion – just 0.2 per cent. The experience is enriched with Gracenote album art stored on the SSD drive a massive 10GB is dedicated to user media storage. There are also smart functions such as ‘Play more like this’ which automatically compiles playlists, or Music Queue, which makes it easy to search for and add songs, albums or artists to a music queue while the current track is still playing.

As well as media streaming from smartphones and tablets via two USB 3.0 ports and a dual-purpose HDMI/ MHL port, InControl Touch Pro offers a CD/DVD player too.

The rear-seat entertainment system is another highlight. Exclusive to the all-new XFL, this system features 8-inch screens, which can support two concurrent channels, enabling one passenger to watch TV, for example, while the other watches a film. Audio is delivered over digital wireless headphones.

Wearable technology makes it even easier to stay in touch.

The all-new XFL’s InControl Touch and InControl Touch Pro infotainment systems support the familiar InControl Apps, Wi-Fi Hotspot and InControl Protect features, but now the InControl Remote app is available for the Apple Watch and the Android Wear watch, making it simpler and more convenient than ever to interact with the vehicle – no matter where you are.

Offering similar functionality to the InControl Remote smartphone app, drivers will be able to use their Apple Watch or Android Wear watch to lock and unlock the vehicle, check how much fuel is in the tank and see its location on a map. It’s even possible to set the climate control and start the engine to get the cabin to the ideal temperature before the journey begins.

Analysis and information on the OE telematics systems and services on offer by vehicle manufacturers in China is available through the quarterly SBD OE Connected Services Tracker ~ China Edition (CON 526). For more information contact SBD on

Jaguar Land Rover InMotion to offer new mobility services: Jaguar Land Rover has launched InMotion, a new technology business that builds apps and on-demand services to overcome modern travel and transport challenges.

jaguar-dash-appcarouselNext month InMotion will begin real-world testing of a number of different services such as car sharing and car ownership solutions, across North America, Europe and Asia in the coming months.

Adrian Hallmark, Group Strategy Director, Jaguar Land Rover said:

”With the development of new apps and on-demand services, InMotion provides us with an opportunity to provide engaging and invaluable experiences to both new and existing customers globally. As a start-up business, InMotion combines the flexibility and pace needed to compete in the ever-changing mobility sector. It allows us to re act quickly to new tech and everchanging customer demands.”

With technology changing the way people travel and providing access to vehicles at the swipe of a screen, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their commute to work or to access the car they want, when they want to.

InMotion combines the best of the automotive and technology sectors to develop new solutions accessible via smartphones or other connected devices.

InMotion starts by carrying out in-depth research with people from around the world to learn about emerging travel and transport issues which need solving. The insights from this lead to a set of closed real-world experiments, testing multiple approaches to find the most effective. Next, the business model and technology platform is developed, before the solution is beta launched to the public. This approach allows InMotion to build engaging and relevant services.

As wholly-owned subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, InMotion is based in London and will employ up to 30 people who will support entrepreneurs to build new businesses. This will give it the agility and independence to create nimble services which respond to the fast pace of the mobility sector, but with robust financial and technological support.

SBD has just released a new analytical report investigating the impacts of innovative mobility and vehicle ownership models on the automotive industry. For more details contact

Excerpt courtesy of Telematics News May/June 2016 Edition.

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