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Tech Support Facts You Can’t Ignore

By Patrick / November 3, 2014

The rising complexity of interconnected technology environments in the multi-vendor landscape is a tough challenge for tech support teams.

Forrester research indicates that 42 percent of customer issues are not being resolved efficiently due to the ever-increasing complexity of systems and applications. And these cases are on the rise.

We’ve compiled some new tech support facts about how support teams are coping with multi-vendor issues, taking a closer look at how solutions are being discovered and shared across teams.


If agents are turning to the web more than half the time to solve customer problems, there is a clear gap between what our customers are asking, and what our current knowledge management systems can answer. And as we’ve discovered, knowledge bases aren’t very effective at disseminating knowledge either. Tech agents would rather send an email about a new solution, or, chat about it at the water cooler, than update the knowledge base. That means that all that rich, valuable tacit knowledge (the knowledge inside people’s heads) that could help someone else facing a similar issue, is not being shared among teams effectively.


If your agents are already using Google to find answers they can’t find in their knowledge base, Reveal is here to help. With Reveal, whenever anyone on your team discovers a solution anywhere on the web, they can capture and share it with everyone on the team, with a single click.

So even when your team is faced with a completely new problem, Reveal lets them leverage recommendations and tips from your team who have already solved it. That’s real power that lets your team solve a wider range of problems faster, and keep customers happy.

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