Teams Use TextFlow to Streamline Document Collaboration

By Doriane Mouret / March 8, 2011

Textflow Screenshot

At AppDirect, we deal with a large amount of legal work, including syndication deals, channel partnerships and financing contracts and more. This means we create a great deal of documents for each collaborator, tracking changes as we move along in the process. That's why we are so thrilled about a solution that helps us save time as we manage our documents: TextFlow.

This neat online document comparison and redlining tool generates easy-to-read change reports from MS Word or PDF documents. You can upload and compare up to seven MS Word or PDF documents in seconds. TextFlow helps maintain versions control on contracts by providing users with a simple and dynamic way to gather and review text input from colleagues and partners. It also keeps a step-by-step history of every change and offers a comprehensive change summary, an essential tool during long negotiations.

AppDirect is not only is a customer, we also helped the company start selling this great app: As NordicRiver prepared to launch TextFlow at the LegalTech conference in New York, we enabled AppDirect Checkout. This is a billing and subscription management service we now offer for any application integrated into the AppDirect Network. By offering this service at cost, we grow our company, while helping you save money and cut stress by not having to pay a high price for these services or build them yourself. Nordic River quickly saw the benefit.

“AppDirect Checkout completely alleviated the constant headaches that came from trying to deal with account management, licensing and payments ourselves," says Marx Dixon, CTO, Nordic River Software AB. "Integrating was a breeze and we were able to get right back to focusing on our product development, safe in the knowledge that AppDirect just works exactly the way you’d expect it too.”

Learn more about TextFlow on the AppDirect Marketplace, where you can also start a free trial.