Take Your Projects on the Road with Web Collaboration

By Doriane Mouret / June 22, 2011

Webcollaboration Screenshot

According to The Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009-2013 Forecast, more than 72 percent of the US workforce is mobile. But how can mobile project managers take their work on the road? Web Collaboration, one of the first applications available on the AppDirect network, was created to meet the specific needs of project-based work.

MercuryGrove CEO Scott Annan says his company built Web Collaboration to address their own needs. “We noticed that clients would engage us on a project-to-project basis," he said. "We spent a lot of time giving 'free' consulting about the industry, which would turn into more projects. After a while, managing information, team members and clients based on individual projects just didn’t make sense. So we built Web Collaboration to be the ultimate engagement platform for our clients and our distributed team to keep everyone on the same page, easily bring in resources as required that could see the history of the relationship, and as an ongoing engagement platform for our clients that wouldn’t go away when a project was finished.”

Web Collaboration allows users to create virtual workspaces, sharing content with team members, clients and partners. The application serves as a virtual office, connecting team members to critical project information regardless of their physical location. An ergonomic dashboard displays an overview of a user’s calendar, tasks, discussions, contacts history and more. An interactive message board makes it easy to post information, and for team members to respond. The project tab helps managers divide projects into milestones, create and assign tasks, and mark work as complete -- all with an intuitive drag and drop interface.

“With Web Collaboration, I can easily bring in new team members as required and they can see the history of the relationship,” says Annan. “It becomes an ongoing engagement platform for our clients that doesn’t disappear when a project is finished.”

With more and more workers breaking away from the classic nine-to-five workday, it’s essential to give project managers access to project data whenever the need it. Try Web Collaboration for free on AppDirect and create your own mobile virtual office.