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Sproose Brings Your #ootd to Life Through Photo Sharing and SupportKit

By R. J. Stangle / Sep 17, 2014

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably seen a post tagged #ootd (outfit of the day) come across your feed.

In fact, in the last month, 37.8M outfits of the day have been posted to the popular photo sharing service as users share their dapper denim and terrific tights with their followers. With so many millions of people posting their outfits to Instagram and millions more admiring their stylish combinations, it’s surprising that there is no easy way to learn more about the clothing and accessories that make it up. A new app, Sproose, promises to solve this problem.


Sproose is an app that connects the dots between discovering fashion items on social sites and buying great styles from an online boutique. It does this by leveraging two of the biggest factors that influence online clothing purchasing decisions: recommendations from friends and smart coupons.

The app’s users can shop, share, and discover clothing whenever they see photos taken by their friends or their favourite fashionistas. Discovering products through real, amateur photographs is superior to seeing it on a mannequin in store or on a professionally shot model. After all, Sproose’s users have the benefit of seeing exactly how the clothing fits, discover creative outfit ideas and get social validation that their choice of fashion items is tasteful and cool.

Sproose hopes to use the data they’re collecting to provide a new level of intelligence to online fashion retailers. Trends that emerge on the network as well as user comments, likes and other interactions will provide retailers with a new view onto how their market is reacting to their products. Crucial information that smart fashion brands can use to help develop next season’s hottest styles.


Todd Saunders, founder & CEO of Sproose, realized early on that his app would only be successful if it was a place where end-users would feel comfortable sharing photos of their favourite outfits and products with their friends. Thus, he interviewed hundreds of fashionistas and outfit sharers to really understand how they were using social media to share their creations and get inspired. The results surprised him and the insight powered many features of the app, particularly the unique approach Sproose has taken to label shoppable items in a photo.

Now that Sproose is in beta and growing its initial user base, Saunders is staying close to Sproose’s users in order to keep gathering the insights to drive his product forward. Sproose includes AppHelp’s SupportKit a free iOS tool that allows you to have in-app conversations with your users without leaving your inbox. Saunders personally responds to every message sent to the team from the app and is learning what parts of Sproose’s UI resonate with its users, and which need a bit more work. When we spoke to Saunders about why he’s decided to provide this kind of functionality to his app’s users he had this to say and we couldn’t say it better ourselves:

“I think it’s a competitive advantage, we believe in taking the friction out of any process and this makes it much easier for a user to give us feedback.”


Todd and his team at Sproose are on a mission to bring Sproose to fashion lovers around the world. Currently, the team is working on gaining entry to an accelerator in North America and is putting together it’s seed round. To stay in the loop, visit Sproose on the web or follow the app on twitter.