Simplicant Eases the Strain of Recruitment Management

By Doriane Mouret / September 20, 2011

Simplicant Overview

The extended malaise of the global economy means more and more people are competing for every open job.

Even small businesses face a deluge of resumes when they open a new position. Many of the solutions created to deal with this new recruitment challenge are complicated and take too much time to master. Razaa Saeed, founder of Simplicant, felt that frustration. Back in 2006, when Saeed was helping build a software consulting and development company, he and his partners faced the ominous task of quickly assembling a team of amazing developers and designers. They reviewed myriad applicant tracking software systems, but could not find a streamlined solution that met their needs. "We wanted something simple that just got the job done without hassle and without the irrelevant bells and whistles,” he explains. So they built their own company and an applicant tracking system that worked.

Simplicant was born.

As its name implies, Simplicant is a simple applicant tracking system that provides users quick and easy ways to create job boards and track incoming applications. The dashboard delivers a quick overview of activity including new applications, messages from applicants, upcoming tasks, and more. The application page has an intuitive search engine that can filter applicants by job number, application status, or any customized criterea. Users can see all internal messages and replies to candidates on a single page.

Pavle Stojkovic, Director of Recruiting at GrooveSharks, says he loves using Simplicant. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for an applicant tracker that works like it’s supposed to,” he says. “Simplicant is simple (obviously,) but it also provides me with the organization that I need.”

Next Simplicant plans to use social media to reach out to new candidates in order to improve the quality of new hires. New metrics will help users objectively assess the effectiveness of their current hiring and recruitment efforts. Ready to give it a try? Demo it for free at AppDirect.