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Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker Released for Android

By Dan Saks / October 19, 2011

Shoeboxed For Android

At AppDirect, we are passionate about applications, SaaS and Cloud Computing. We believe that the future of IT is in the cloud, and we love to see new web-based solutions entering the market with innovative ways to answer the needs of the business economy. That's why we are excited that Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker -- previously only available on the Apple App Store -- has now been released for Android.

Expense reports are a painful and time-consuming reality for pretty much everyone in today's busy business world. Searching for receipts at the end of each month -- and trying to separate personal expenses from business charges -- can be nothing short of a nightmare. That's where Shoeboxed steps in to turn your expense report nightmare into a dream.

This amazing application lets you scan receipts through your phone’s camera. It then extracts all the data and stores it online. You can export the date to your expense report software or spreadsheet and never have to worry about losing those little bits of paper again. Shoeboxed also scans business cards, paper bills, invoices and any other documents so you can turn your overstuffed wallet or briefcase into a streamlined electronic archive.

Ready to simplify your expense reporting? Give Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker a try and see if it makes your life easier. Make sure share your opinion by giving the application a quick customer review.