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Interning at AppHelp as a Service Delivery Specialist

By Stephanie Schenk / March 23, 2017

Interning At Apphelp

Ok, so you’ve read the job posting to be a Service Delivery Specialist Intern. Sounds like an interesting job and a cool place to work, but what in the world is service delivery? You googled to find out what service delivery actually entails, but it still seems ambiguous and now you’re on the AppHelp website to see if you can find out more. Maybe that’s not how you ended up here, but that is how my journey with AppHelp started.

As a Business Technology Management student (also known as MIS – Management Information Systems), this internship in Service Delivery has been a perfect fit. While AppHelp is a technical company that consists of predominantly engineering teams, the Service Delivery team is business and people oriented. We are often the “customers” of various technical teams here, while our main focus is the “people side” of the technical support industry. The scope of the Service Delivery team is vast and includes (but isn’t limited to); daily operations management, learning and development (training), technical support program launches, and (labour, tools) costing. The majority of my internship has been on program launches and training, but I have supported almost all the functional areas of the team.

Thanks to this exposure to almost all aspects of service delivery, I was able to learn a lot about our business. For an intern, having that variety in tasks is extremely beneficial, both in terms of experience gained and the opportunity to explore personal interests and where they may lead. I got the best of both worlds at AppHelp: I got hands-on experience with various team functions, as well as in-depth exposure to the part of Service Delivery focused on onboarding new customer support programs. Being able to build expertise in a specific area like this was hugely valuable to me. The team really enabled me to deepen my knowledge and understanding of what goes into developing and launching new support programs. No matter what I was doing, the work that I produced was contributing to the team’s success. The Service Delivery team is not afraid to give their intern responsibilities and treat them like a full-time employee. At the end of day, being given relevant work is half the battle in having a positive experience as an intern.

The other half of that battle is having a supportive team around you. That was an easy one to check off - the Service Delivery team is made up of people who are great at what they do, generous with their knowledge and very supportive. As a Service Delivery Intern, I had to engage with other teams on a regular basis and it showed me how collaborative everyone at AppHelp is. On top of having a great company culture, the work-perks are pretty mind blowing. To name a few on the list, there is a fully stocked kitchen (including a candy & snack bar), a foosball table, weekly massages, and - yes! - a beer tap.

One piece of advice I would give to students who are considering an internship in Service Delivery: do not be intimidated by the technical nature of the business. You do not need to be technical to work in service delivery, but you do need to be independent, resourceful and ready to adapt to change. Choosing to intern at AppHelp is one of the best decisions I ever made and I could not have asked for a more interesting and rewarding experience.

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