30 Billion Emails Can't Be Wrong, SendGrid Delivers

By Doriane Mouret / Mar 14, 2012

Sendgrid Envelope

While the number of ways in which businesses are communicating with their customers is steadily climbing, email still remains the preferred tool for customer interaction. Between 2010 and 2011, the volume of emails sent to customers grew by 14.9%. Statistics show that customers are receptive to this increase; open rates have increased by 7.8%, and click through rates by 1.8%.1

With this growth comes opportunity, but also challenges: timing, reporting, unsubscribes, spam reports, the list goes on. In order to keep up, email infrastructure services are widely considered an invaluable tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. However due to the prohibitive cost of these solutions, many businesses are left with no choice but to continue struggling with manually administered emails.

Organizations need to research and select a cost-effective solution to deliver the right emails at the right time to their customers and leads. This service should also provide powerful analytics and metrics to help improve overall email effectiveness.This is where SendGrid can help.

SendGrid's email delivery solution relieves businesses of the cost and complexity normally associated with custom email systems. It provides reliable deliverability, scalability and real-time analytics while featuring flexible APIs that integrate seamlessly with your own systems. Offering an entry plan 5 to 10 times cheaper than existing solutions, SendGrid solves the technical challenges, eliminating email headaches allowing you to focus on your businesses and meet the demands of your customers.

SendGrid has already sent more than 30 billion emails for thousands of top companies including Foursquare, Gowalla, GetSatsifaction and ScoutMob. "SendGrid has reduced our team's cognitive load and it has made it easier to scale hardware,” explains Loren Norma, Lead Developer at Scoutmob. “The kind of work they're doing for us is unbelievable, and it's definitely saving us money. We're a higher-functioning company as a result."

Don’t keep struggling with your email infrastructure when the perfect solution is ready and waiting for you. Businesses in search of a robust tool to assist with email deliverability and analytics can try SendGrid for free on AppDirect.

1. Epsilon, “Q3 2011 North America Email Trend Results” December 2011