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Searching with Slack Slash Commands

By AppWise / Jan 04, 2016

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Slack recently opened up their App Directory with the goal of making 'Slack even better', expanding Slack's existing capabilities with integrations to all the other applications you need to get your work done. We're very excited to be included, enabling users to Search everything, in one shot using a Slash Command. You can get setup in a couple of clicks using Slack's 'Add to Slack' button at

Here's a couple of examples of using the Slack Slash Command to query and refine your search using the power of Xendo's search. To search for 'digify' across all the accounts you've connected to Xendo, simply type '/xendo digify':

You'll get the top five matches with a brief summary of the content so you can find emails, documents, presentations and sales leads while you're in the flow of your conversation.

Need to refine your search into a specific service or content type, no problem. You've got the full power of Xendo's intuitive search filters inside Slack (just like you have in your Xendo Dashboard). So drilling into Salesforce, simply type '/xendo digify in salesforce'.

Easily see your Salesforce Account, Contact, Lead information without leaving Slack.

We've already had a lot of great feedback about our Xendo - Slack integration, so please keep it coming, let us know what you need and we'll prioritize your requests in future releases, just leave a comment below.