SalesPod Provides Smart Mobile Workforce Solution

By Doriane Mouret / September 27, 2011

Day At  Glide

As with many of the best startup ideas, SalesPod began as an answer to a customer’s need.

“We were approached by regional subsidiary of L’Oreal to develop a custom mobile Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution,” Marko Kovac, CEO at SalesPod said. ”When we did our calculations we realized that the cost of the development would be way beyond their planned budget. But we were aware that a vast majority of small businesses did not have any kind of software solution and that the market was craving an affordable one. That’s when we decided to build a SaaS platform for mobile SFA.”

SalesPod is a complete field sales and services cloud solution available from any device -- computers, smartphones or tablets. Designed to serve companies with mobile workforce needs, it makes it easy for users to get orders and invoices from the field in real time. It also collects valuable information about customers through forms and surveys and supports collaboration between mobile team members via billboard and text messages. It can monitor a team’s field activities from the cloud and allows them create photo documentation on the spot.

SalesPod boosts employees’ productivity, ramping up sales while cutting costs of the field work. Its intuitive interface makes implementation fast and easy -- it can be done virtually, in minutes. Its highly customizable platform can adjust to a user’s business processes, without additional costs.

L’Oreal now uses SalesPod for its field sales operations, implementing it in four European countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania). According to Tina Roso, Brand Manager at L’Oreal, sales leaders can now monitor field activities in these countries in real time. “SalesPod increases our efficiency and opens up new growth opportunities with complete control of expenses. Exactly what we need,” she says.

And its a solution that continues to improve: SalesPod's team just released a new feature that lets users create work orders for technicians. Now users can define which questionnaire fields are mandatory and ensure the latest work orders reach technicians on time. In short, SalesPod may be the perfect solution for your company's mobile workforce. Try it for free at AppDirect.